Shine On

Festival Season is undoubtedly my favourite time of year. I say this every year (because it’s true). It’s the cocktail of friends, music, drinks and (most importantly) funky outfits that gives you a buzz like no other. This is also the only week of the year I will gladly throw myself into embracing the great outdoors, whether it be rain (is it even a festival if it doesn’t rain?) tent malfunctions or ant infestations I’ll take it all because nothing beats that festival feeling.

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The Miracle Midi

When you find a hidden gem in a charity shop – you snap it up straight away. I was lucky enough to be the discoverer of this incredible Paul Smith skirt tucked away in the rails of a British Heart Foundation a few weeks ago, and knew it would slide in with my holiday clothing selection like a dream. I think it was about £4.50, in good condition and fit perfectly – a charity shop miracle.  Continue reading “The Miracle Midi”


I feel like a lot has been going on for me in the past few weeks – a mixture of good and bad news, some surprises and the stress of upcoming deadlines. Part of me will be glad when this term is finished, but my emotional and sentimental side knows it’s the closing of another chapter, and a step closer to leaving this make-believe world of university and heading off to start having a go at real life.

And the phrase that sticks in my mind when all kinds of crazy things happen is – ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’ Such a simple saying, but when you apply it to specific contexts personal to yourself, it helps to look on the bright side and work through whatever’s going on. The bittersweet jumble of the happy and the sad that will always be present in life.  Continue reading “Lemonade”

Styling up for Spring

While my blog has had a fresh lick of paint, (so faint you might not even have noticed it – a bit of a jazz up and a new site link) I’ve been out giving my wardrobe a fresh lick of paint too.

Skinny white jeans aren’t for me – I’m messy, clumsy, and they just don’t suit me. But the off-white, cream colours and more straight cut styles have appealed to me for some time (and seemed like something I could make work for me). Continue reading “Styling up for Spring”

Birthday Suit

For my 19th birthday celebrations I’m channelling my inner Ziggy Stardust and taking major inspo from all-round legend David Bowie and his bang on Kansai Yamamoto bodysuit (worn for his Ziggy Stardust tour, 1972-1973).

birthday suit

I’ve interpreted it with this striped plunge jumpsuit from emerging brand Missy Empire and added orange accessories.

I don’t usually do colour, especially not on nights out (I’m more of a play-it-safe with black kinda gal) but on this occasion taking a risk really paid off. The orange makes a statement and compliments the black of the jumpsuit nicely and although my feet may still be recovering from the heels, I can’t help but still love these Public Desire lace-up sandals (£17 in the sale)! They matched the tie back feature of my jumpsuit and also my River Island clutch, which is such a fresh and original style with its two-tone orange panels… Happy birthday to me!


I’m excited to officially have joined the blonde club now too, after F I N A L L Y getting a new ‘do on my birthday – just in time for Reading Festival and the last stretch of summer. Thanks for all you guyz who made this one special.

Peace x