Lust List: April

April? It feels like we may as well still be in the depths of winter with the rain and wind that insists on sticking around. If the sun won’t show itself, though, that’s just an excuse (as if I needed another one) to invest in some colourful and refreshing spring pieces to brighten up even the gloomiest of days.

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An ode to the colour red

My love for the colour red only seems to increase. Each season I discover new ways to wear it and come across the most amazing statement item that really defines my personal ‘style’ at that time. The other day someone told me that red is my ‘colour’ and that was kind of an exact summary of the way I feel about it – I don’t think there’s ever been a stage where I’ve been comfortable enough to pull of a certain shade without questioning it, and certainly never one I’ve loved wearing so much.

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Lust List: February

It feels unreal that February is already upon us – every year seems to come and go faster than the last! But every new month brings new inspirations and opportunitiesĀ and, most importantly, moves us that little bit closer to Summer. For me, this February is full of silver statement jewellery, classy loungewear and one shop new to Nottingham that I know will be my go-to interiors stockist.

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