Lust List: March

I think I’m speaking on behalf of the whole UK when I say spring has never been more needed. If you’re anything like me, you’ll agree that snow is only exciting over the festive season or if you’re still in school and actually benefit from a snow day! Other than that it’s just pretty annoying, bitterly cold and disruptive to any kind of productivity (I realise I sound super boring and harsh, but it really isn’t my idea of fun). It’s pretty to observe when you’re curled up by a window swamped in jumpers reading a good book, but not so fun when you have things to do and places to go. Plus, in true Brit style, we can’t seem to cope with sub-zero temperatures despite being such a developed country, and so boiler problems take priority over uni work and we risk ending up head over heels on the non-gritted pavement during an expedition into town to stock up on essentials (wine).

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I am the worst person for saving money. EVER. Ask anyone close to me and they’ll confirm that my best intentions of putting money aside are unintentionally but inevitably swayed by McDonalds, trips to the pub, last minute nights out and, of course, a good old shopping spree. I’ve tried so many tactics that I’ve lost count (I even have a wish jar which are seemingly impossible to get into without breaking, but I’ve mastered the art of tempting any loose change out with a pair of tweezers…) and the little spur of the moment things always win me over before I can reach the end goal.

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Summer Layering

It’s difficult to define a summer wardrobe in Britain when most of the season is as gloomy as our winter. Rather than planning an outfit, we pretty much have to wing it depending on the weather – meaning ‘summer dressing’ has been replaced by wearing whatever we want in spite of the climes. The unpredictability of rain and unreliable weather forecasts mean we have to stay spontaneous and play up our free-spirited, ‘oh this? I just threw this on’ (literally) because there’s a good chance your new purchases will be unwearable due to torrential downpours – either that or you think ‘what the heck’ and wear it anyway.

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Abba Vibes

WARNING: holiday spam for the foreseeable future. We’ve just returned from an incredible week in Albufeira, Portugal, and I’m suffering from some serious holiday blues. So what better way to cheer myself up than reminiscing about the long, pretty days, lazing by the pool, eating and drinking like kings (pun intended) and exploring the picturesque towns.

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Birthday Suit

For my 19th birthday celebrations I’m channelling my inner Ziggy Stardust and taking major inspo from all-round legend David Bowie and his bang on Kansai Yamamoto bodysuit (worn for his Ziggy Stardust tour, 1972-1973).

birthday suit

I’ve interpreted it with this striped plunge jumpsuit from emerging brand Missy Empire and added orange accessories.

I don’t usually do colour, especially not on nights out (I’m more of a play-it-safe with black kinda gal) but on this occasion taking a risk really paid off. The orange makes a statement and compliments the black of the jumpsuit nicely and although my feet may still be recovering from the heels, I can’t help but still love these Public Desire lace-up sandals (£17 in the sale)! They matched the tie back feature of my jumpsuit and also my River Island clutch, which is such a fresh and original style with its two-tone orange panels… Happy birthday to me!


I’m excited to officially have joined the blonde club now too, after F I N A L L Y getting a new ‘do on my birthday – just in time for Reading Festival and the last stretch of summer. Thanks for all you guyz who made this one special.

Peace x