Shine On

Festival Season is undoubtedly my favourite time of year. I say this every year (because it’s true). It’s the cocktail of friends, music, drinks and (most importantly) funky outfits that gives you a buzz like no other. This is also the only week of the year I will gladly throw myself into embracing the great outdoors, whether it be rain (is it even a festival if it doesn’t rain?) tent malfunctions or ant infestations I’ll take it all because nothing beats that festival feeling.

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Lust List: January (sale special)

Hello from 2017, here’s wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year (which won’t be hard if it’s even a bit better than 2016…). I apologise for my incognito stance for the past few weeks, I’ve been making the most of the holidays and completely relaxing – which actually fills more time than you’d think (explaining my absence to weekly posts). But I’m back and full of ideas which I’ll try my best to fit around uni work.

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JACKET Urban Outfitters
BODYSUIT Urban Outfitters
SKIRT Urban Outfitters
BOOTS Doc Martens

As part of my course we were assigned to head over to Goose Fair (a big fun fair in Nottingham) and do some filming, and it turned out to be a pretty cool backdrop to take some photos – et voila.

This outfit is a bit of an UO-fest, but when I was in town the other day I somehow managed to accidentally fall into the store and it just so happened there was a sale on (a very lucky blessing or who knows how much more in debt I’d be). There’s always a kind of extra hidden sale section in the best UO shops too – it’s where I go to feel less guilty about spending all of my money, because if it’s cheaper it doesn’t count (right)? This black turtleneck body (down from £19) and red floral skirt (down from £39) caught my eye and together they came to £13.50 when I got to the till. They literally might as well have given me them for free. (My housemates are sick of me now because I wouldn’t shut up about it when I got home).

The Harrington jacket was actually one of my little brother’s Christmas presents, but he grows at the pace Mo Farah runs races, so he has donated it to my humble student wardrobe. Another stolen item I’m in love with is the dolphin ring that I discovered in the depths of my mum’s jewellery box. I don’t think I’ve taken it off since I found it (and I don’t plan to).

The Oasis documentary came out earlier this week, Supersonic, (coincidentally I’ve recently started drinking gin and tonic) and was definitely worth the £30 I dished out for me and my friend Tilly to go and watch it. The film was only in cinemas for one day and was incredibly put together, (by the same production team in charge of Amy – the documentary about Amy Winehouse) witty, laugh out loud funny and heartbreaking all rolled into one. The footage they managed to pull together was amazing and nostalgic and it was so insightful to watch how the band developed and crashed so quickly; and to see the Gallagher brothers’ relationship through the years. After the film they showed a live Q&A with Liam Gallagher direct from the premiere in Manchester where Liam poured his heart out (and slagged off his brother) which was again hilarious but heart wrenching. The whole thing just made me feel kinda sad that I wasn’t around to see them perform live. The film is worth a watch when it comes out on DVD later this month (I’ll definitely be getting it as we missed the beginning to buy popcorn)!

Peace x

Reading festival lookbook

In true British festival reality this past weekend has consisted of one too many warm lagers and the unforgettable sound of favourite bands, and resulted in a lost voice, worsening headache and serious Reading blues. We kind of forget for a year about all the camping inconveniences (it took Chloe and I almost two hours to figure out how to assemble our broken tent), below average toilet situation and the fearful sight of clouds and threat of mud they bring. But you’ve just got to embrace these minor obstacles (and even learn to love the loos) for five days and throw yourself into the festival spirit.



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