I am the worst person for saving money. EVER. Ask anyone close to me and they’ll confirm that my best intentions of putting money aside are unintentionally but inevitably swayed by McDonalds, trips to the pub, last minute nights out and, of course, a good old shopping spree. I’ve tried so many tactics that I’ve lost count (I even have a wish jar which are seemingly impossible to get into without breaking, but I’ve mastered the art of tempting any loose change out with a pair of tweezers…) and the little spur of the moment things always win me over before I can reach the end goal.

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Lust List: February

It feels unreal that February is already upon us – every year seems to come and go faster than the last! But every new month brings new inspirations and opportunities and, most importantly, moves us that little bit closer to Summer. For me, this February is full of silver statement jewellery, classy loungewear and one shop new to Nottingham that I know will be my go-to interiors stockist.

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