Sweet Imperfections

As far as cliches go, I tend to avoid them. However, the saying that imperfections are what make us beautiful is in my opinion 100% true. Without the differences big and little that make us all unique, we’d wouldn’t be ourselves and to be honest we’d probably be downright boring!

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Full Circle

The dreamy bank holiday has left me feeling like I’ve actually been on my holidays. When taking these photos it was as if we were genuinely exploring a city abroad and for a moment I forgot I was still in Nottingham and that I still have uni work to do…

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Sun spots

Sometimes I feel like I come across as a stereotypical Brit on this blog because all I ever seem to talk about is the weather. But I am soooo beyond chuffed that the sun had it’s hat on this week, it’s definitely put me in such a good mood considering all the work I’ve got on my plate at the moment.

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