7 days 7 ways: camel trousers

So my abstinence from the blog has lasted a record of three months, which I’m actually quite impressed with. I had no doubt that I would return eventually, but I’m coming out of retirement because of a little idea I wanted to trial.

While not having the added self-imposed pressure of uploading a post every week has been a relief, I feel like I don’t put aside time to mull over my contemplations, or have an outlet to express myself fully.

I have been able to focus slightly more on other writing ventures, however drafting fiction isn’t allowing me to achieve the same catharsis because I’m not able to explore my reality or discuss contemporary events. The blog pushed me to commit to posting on a regular basis, which gave me the opportunity to delve into such topics and share my emotions (even if it’s mostly a one-sided conversation).

The break was much-needed as I felt my content was starting to stagnate, although I can’t say I dedicated the extra hours to as much of the other activities as I had intended. To be honest, I had been fully making the most of the easing lockdown restrictions and it seems now that Wales has shut down for just over a fortnight I have instinctively gravitated back to this space.

Without channelling and refining my thoughts into a format I can openly share, I haven’t really been in the right frame of mind to tackle any different projects as I’m so separated from the realm of writing.

Having said that, though, I want to make some changes to what I write and how often. I want to get more political. That may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s essential, especially in this climate, to dissect the issues we are living with. In order to continue disclosing my classic life anecdotes, I can’t really avoid acknowledging the current affairs that are affecting both myself and the communities I support.

So by sharing once a month, I can focus on creating higher quality content while also dedicating sufficient attention to other areas I’m passionate about. I want to shift towards documenting my sustainability journey, highlighting important resources and discussing more ethical fashion choices.

This blog will be a place to celebrate outfit repeating rather than glorifying new items and to journal the adjustments I’m making as a way to hold myself accountable and reduce my impact on the environment.

This includes getting the most out of my clothes, which brings me to the series of which this post is the debut! 7 Days 7 Ways was inspired by other creatives on Instagram taking one accessory and demonstrating several ways to wear it, often in the form of a reel. I’m not brave enough to start trialing alternative methods like video just yet, although it might be something I consider as time goes on.

I want to showcase the staples in my wardrobe and how I return to them time and time again; to emphasise that it’s good to love an item so much you want to keep wearing it and how easy it can be to switch up looks.

I used to be terrible for not wanting to be seen in the same clothes twice on social media, which on inspection doesn’t make sense considering I had no viable justification other than that always showing off ‘new’ was what society deemed most desirable.

Trends are circular too, so if you do follow them it’s practical to store your investments for when they next get their turn in the spotlight, rather than ditching something completely.

The rules have been changed and it’s not sustainable or sensible to opt for vast amounts of fast fashion for the sake of constantly keeping up with the fashion industry, if our circumstances permit us the power not to.

My wardrobe is curated with bits and bobs that I love; vintage finds, charity shop thrifts and inevitably, pieces that were once bought fresh and have stood the test of time or been repaired. I’m proud of my selection, so why not be honest about what I tend to wear? It’s a testament to the value of the brand if I keep throwing an item on because I know it will make me feel my best.

When working from home it’s usually a jumper and comfy trousers, like this bootcut camel pair. They’re not typically a style I would have chosen for myself, however my nan offered them to me as they’d just been collecting dust since she bought them from Principles a few years ago and it turns out I absolutely love them!

This goes to show that by raiding the wardrobes of family members (with their permission) you can often discover some real gems. Likewise, if you have clothes you’ve outgrown or are no longer fond of, offer them to a friend or suggest a clothes swap.

So without further ado, here are the seven ensembles I put together over the past week featuring these dreamy camel trousers. I found them so easy to style thanks to the classic, elegant tailoring, they fit like a dream and the fabric is superior.

I have linked some similar versions below if you fancy getting yourself some, although they’re the kind you could easily pick up pretty cheap from a charity or vintage shop.

John Lewis

Jumper – knitted by my very talented mum!
Boots – PR product from Boden

I love the effortless sophistication that boots and a big woolly jumper can create, emphasised by keeping colours of a similar palette.

Sunglasses – MaxMara
T-shirt – H&M
Blazer – Vintage

Gold jewellery, chunky sunglasses, a timeless white t-shirt and oversized blazer combination; perfect for looking put together when you’re hungover or want to dress smart but are stuck for inspiration.

Coat – Mango
Beret – Topshop
T-shirt – Uniqlo
Boots – Dr Martens found in a charity shop for a fiver!

If in doubt: Breton. Keeping it plain with stripes, a sturdy winter coat and beret. The hem of these trousers are the ideal length for most shoes, despite my fear of the opposite, which is quite rare speaking from past experience.

Blouse – vintage
Hair clips – & Other Stories
Trainers – PR product from Boden

I had to include the perfect Pat Butcher outfit, comprised of my trusty leopard blouse clashing with tortoiseshell hair clips and vivid animal print trainers.

Shirt – Warehouse
Sweater vest – vintage
Trainers – Converse

Sweater vests appear to still be the hottest trend of 2020 and you’re bound to find one in your local charity shop (make sure to check the men’s section). This pale blue one was £1 and is great for showing off the ruffles of this collar! I like the contrast between the pastel and brown tones, as well as the mix of materials, and this would be a solid foundation for layering more outerwear on top.

Coat – Zara
Jumper – PR product from Boden
Trainers – Vans

A lot of my cosy winter coats are sourced from chains like Zara and Mango and have consistently proved robust (although the pocket lining of Zara jackets is prone to ripping after a few wears). I think fast fashion is fine – and, let’s face it, one of the few options for those of us who can’t afford to always choose designer or expensive eco-friendly clothes brands – when done in moderation. By limiting my consumption to what I need, like a durable winter coat, I can be savvy in shopping second hand for my wish list.

Top – River Island
Heels – New Look

It’s wishful thinking, but I had to include one ‘going out’ look! I wore this today as my Sunday best and felt glam despite the awful weather. The silky vest was from River Island when I was a teenager and I still find it adds a gentle sleekness when you want the bottom half of an outfit to be the centre of attention.

The versatility of such trousers is evident in their ability to go from casual to classy with a switch of shoes or top. I know I can pop them on if I’m in a rut and instantly feel confident.

Most of the items in this blog were from fast fashion chains years ago, proving that if treated well and purchased because you truly adore it, a piece can remain relevant to your style.

Almost everything I incorporated can be dug out of a chest of drawers or substituted with similar attire: a basic white t-shirt, blazer, heels, baggy jumper winter coat etc. That’s the beauty of these trousers – their subtleness means there isn’t much they can’t be teamed with, whilst staying bold in their own right.

I’m excited to start planning the next post in this series and will be back soon to share another hero item!

Lily x

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