The Dream Kollective: Live from the Globe at Hay

The Dream Kollective is a musical and artistic collaboration between Phoebe Curry, Gwyn Daggett and Kate Daggett, who are using the unpredictable and illusive notion of dreams, conjured up in our minds in their most vulnerable state, as an influence for their spellbinding project.

“Through our dreams we hope to gather inspiration and ideas that we move forward into reality to develop musical concepts and visual depictions of these dream worlds. We hope to delve into the unconscious, both singularly and collectively to explore themes of the otherworldly and surreal, in contrast with what ground us to reality.”

The trio’s soothing presence and unique talent is a powerfully captivating force, as I found out first-hand when treated to the gift of their musical enchantment at their debut performance; but I may be slightly biased, as I’m also lucky enough to call these endlessly inspiring individuals my friends.

The Globe at Hay is a mesmerising venue in its own right; the intimate interior worked only to the advantage of its performers by offering a space to explore the depths of creativity and fully connect with their audience. The relaxed furniture and dim lighting shrouding the room invigorated a spirit of natural integration among those present; enabling a shared vision of community and open-mindedness to set the tone before the acts had even set foot on stage.

Support to ease us into the evening on the 10th January arrived in the form of Jakey Boy Hughes’ soothing tones, supplemented with anecdotally charming lyrics. His presence shaped the lucid trajectory towards a calm and immersive summit, anchoring awareness to the stage and draping spectators in a halcyon curtain.

Kate, Phoebe and Gwyn assembled themselves with informal coversation, highlighting the down-to-earth demeanour shared between the three artists – almost ironically in the context of their other-worldly mantra. Subdued spectators were charmed into their set with moody instrumentals, complimented by divinely delicate harmonies.

“We hope that this project can be a movement in self-reflection, and can aid people in their journey of self-discovery through the interpretation of how the unconscious communicates and interacts with the conscious mind. And how this in turn can make a beneficial impact on society and evoke ideas and dreams of a better future.”

This exquisite ambition was undoubtably realised by those privileged enough to feel the captivatingly healing atmosphere in the room that night. While the music produced a subdued spiritual ambience it wasn’t pretentious and instead interpreted as a raw expression of human existence and the enigma that surrounds it.

The experience was brought full circle with ethereal visuals from Tessa Waite, which were projected onto a screen throughout the performance. This worked to surround the senses with a full-bodied indulgence: objects sourced from nature like foliage, shells and netting contributed to the authentic and earthy environment, triggering imaginations to run wild.

The dark, celestial quality to The Dream Kollective’s sound is vibrantly contrasted by a jazzy element offered by Gwyn, to produce a unique and passionate medley of songs that are both intriguing and addictive, but that make room for contemplation. The three are effortlessly cool whichever way you look at it; in their easy friendship, eclectic style and of course their distinctive music.

“Music is an evocative and unspoken way to communicate emotion and thought. Art is a visual and visceral way to move people without words. Collaboration draws people and ideas together; it begins a conversation where different patterns of thought can interact, change and grow to create something more than the individual.”

The location of the gig certainly assisted in satisfying this idea; the audience was strewn across benches, slunk into armchairs and intertwined on the floor. We all felt like one, sharing the safe and warm space and relishing in the blissful music. I think we felt unavoidably bound by the strange yet peaceful spell cast over us, which broke down any initial barriers between strangers and made room for thought-provoking moments of self-reflection.

I dare you to catapult yourself into The Dream Kollective at a live show and not leave feeling light and uplifted, with a kaleidoscopic perspective on life going forward. You can catch them next in Bristol on the 24th April and follow them on Instagram @thedreamkollective for more updates.

See you in your dreams!

Ph. Alastair Luffman

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