Tie-dye for

Tie-dye is for life, not just festivals! Proof that funky pieces can be weaved seamlessly into everyday style comes from this incredible bodysuit by Jaded at Topshop, which makes a groovy, colourful alternative to a Breton or band tee. I knew it would shine through festival season, but it looks just as cool paired with Mom jeans or here layered with my trusty dungaree dress as it does for a boogie in a field through summer.

Usually I avoid bodysuits due to my shockingly high pee frequency and the nightmare it is to get the bloody poppers lined up (especially on a night out when beer goggles make it 10 times harder) but I’ll make an exception for this one.

The rich tie-dye offers a fresh take on autumn dressing, rather than falling back into the classic ochre tones that I tend to rely on. I’m a sucker for cute details, so the frilly neckline and sleeves are right up my street and give a unique twist on the trend, topped off by an edgy mesh material.

Layering opportunities are in abundance as the days get colder, which forces me to be creative and organise outfit combinations with both old and new pieces in my wardrobe. It may be a little sad but I get pretty excited about the sartorial gems I’ll conjure up – often this time of year produces some of my favourite looks ever.

I tend to be subconsciously drawn to 90s dressing, and the fun, carefree vibe emitted from a denim pinny, groovy patterned top and threadbare white trainers fits the bill brilliantly. The only accessory missing is my green scrunchie, which I purchased specifically to compliment the lime-green shade and then forgot to actually wear.

The BDG dungaree dress has been a staple piece since I bought it in the Urban Outfitters sale for about £14 many years ago. It’s super comfy and the denim material has stayed sturdy despite wearing and washing it constantly. The baggy fit allows ample space to squeeze a huge knitted jumper underneath in the depths of winter, and this feature also flatters an oversized (and sweat-free) look when worn with a tiny crop top and my chunkiest Dr. Martens boots for a gig.

BODYSUIT Jaded at Topshop | DRESS Urban Outfitters (old, similar here) | TRAINERS Adidas | SUNGLASSES Zara (old)

Primrose Hill is one of my favourite London haunts: it promises the seduction of the city from a relaxed, leafy viewpoint, and a sweet relief from the packed crowds of Camden. My friend Abi and I met here with our partners on one of the last, dwindling days of summer in late September, bags bulging with cans of predictable premixed G&T and zesty Brewdog beers stocked up on from the Sainsbury’s by Chalk Farm station.

It’s funny that everyone chooses to sit on the slope facing the skyline, but of course we did it too, and this act of cultural conformity connects us with the silent camaraderie that pumps around the heart of the city; hidden but you’ll find it if you look hard enough underneath the irritation of strangers on the tube and rushing on the pavements.

Sinking into golden hour with a tipple and good company is an experience I’ll miss as I start commuting in the pitch black both to and from work, but it will soon be replaced with the glow of candles as I embrace warm nights in catching up on reading, panic about my Halloween costume and wonder what the fuck to get anyone for Christmas.

If by any chance you want a taste of how my autumn is sounding you can listen to my Spotify playlist here.

Ph. Abi Thomas

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