Butter wouldn’t melt

If you couldn’t already tell from these pics, I’m completely smitten with Boden’s mellow yellow skirt – a.k.a the pencil skirt with a modern twist that begs to be shown off in places other than just the office: funky buttons, statement colour, juicy bow and POCKETS.

The material is a stretchy linen, eradicating awkward shuffling along the corridor at work or soul-destroying summer thigh sweating in the park. Mustard is a colour that brings me instant happiness to wear (although it tends to attract an unwelcome amount of bugs), as not only does it lift my own mood but inspires joy in others too as people are drawn towards the sunny palette.

It’s not common for me to wear a whole brand top-to-toe; I’m the kind of shopper that tends to grab an item I’m drawn to without much consideration for how it’ll fit in the jigsaw of other clothes I’m buying, even though I know it’s 100% me and I’ll treasure it forever.
However this whole outfit is Boden (kindly gifted) and I can’t get enough of how the pieces come together so fluidly to compliment each other! 

The combination includes several of my favourite sartorial saviours: seasonally bright tones, straw bag and espadrilles that subtly interlock and a loose, airy silk shirt. Somehow it screams SUMMER without rubbing it in your face. It’s also now in the sale for anyone wanting to also look like butter wouldn’t melt.

SKIRT | SHIRT | ESPADRILLES | BAG (all gifted from Boden)

Speaking of summer (which I always seem to be): it’s the dreamy destination at the core of those highly anticipated plans and activities that fight for space in the diary; the easy road reconnecting friends thanks to chilled white wine (NZ only of course, as any true friends will know) and fiercely protected bench seats at roadside ‘beer gardens’ in the midst of a sweltering city.

The arrival of last-minute meet-ups and impromptu evening plans once more has got me thinking a lot recently about my own friendships and their journey through the seasons.

The unsuspecting knowledge that I have now come a full year post-graduation has nudged me with a gentle but strange confusion that I can’t really put my finger on: neither happy nor sad, but more of a subtle surprise that a year of ‘ordinary life’ out of education has passed me by so silently.

It has been one of the best years of my life (in school timeframe) and I have experienced some of the happiest days so far. I graduated, had a few wild weeks of partying (1000% needed), made some mistakes, made some unbelievable friends, fell in love and started my first graduate job.

The strangest part of gravitating away from uni life (for me anyways) has been the unsettling adjustment to the disconnection you feel from the people you were so accustomed to seeing every day.

Relationships become fragmented with distance becoming a barrier to the comforting, physical company of mates, but simultaneously transforms into an opportunity to reach out and visit and treasure the hours together with more relevance than when you all just slobbed around a flat ordering hungover takeaways (although these are often such fun times).

The dynamics of groups naturally rearrange, but it doesn’t mean you care any less. The structure of life changes, priorities reposition themselves and we have to take time to focus on ourselves for a while.

Old friendships resurface and seal bonds stronger than ever before, while new faces gradually etch their mark on your life. I have always prided myself in being a gifted friend-maker – in the park as a kid I was the first to introduce myself to others and instigate a game (much to the annoyance of my older nephew who thought I was a bloody weirdo).

I just am honestly just fascinated with meeting new people and the endless possibilities that these connections could mean in the future. I’m so thankful for the times I have coincidentally bumped into strangers that are now such a force in my life.

Saying that, I have always felt quite uneasy about my relationships never following that of ‘traditional’ trajectory of girl culture. So I really resonated with Chloe Plumstead’s recent post dismantling her bustling group – populated not with a tightly knit community of close girlfriends, but of individuals who she loves for different reasons.

Like her, I don’t have a buzzing group chat constantly updating with the latest gossip, and I’m not a part of a huge bunch of girls destined for party holidays dressed in tacky matching t-shirts.

I never had that one person who has practically been my other half since birth (except my cousin), who I stuck with all throughout school and swapped cheap halves of love heart necklaces with until they rusted.

I don’t have a gang of girls that automatically assemble as soon as one of us has a problem. For so long I thought this was the epitome of friendship.
But I don’t need this to feel satisfied: the kinds of friendships that make my heart full involve the people I’ve collected along the way and I’m still fortunate enough to have now.

Natural, simple, no-drama; the ones who I see rarely but when we do reunite it’s like nothing has ever changed. Quick coffee catch-ups expand into hours sat flowing through effortless conversation, giggling like little girls with moments of unrivalled elation that comes with mutual understanding and love.

Groups at events comprised of uni and school friends, best friends, new friends and old friends, merge together like a Frankenstein model as people are introduced and different personalities mix.

Friends that understand the limitations of schedules and yet are always there anyway, regardless. Being fortunate enough to have people that understand you probs need to put something in my diary 3 months ahead (or accept a spontaneous drinks offer) takes the pressure off and helps maintain realistic, authentic bonds.

It can be so hard to make space for anything these days (even to watch Killing Eve – no spoilers pls) so when drinks are clinked and arms interlocked with these rare and special people it means so much.

Recently I realised I need to create a little hierarchy for my personal balance to ensure I’m giving the right things enough attention. Friends, family and work are all so important and in my opinion should be delegated the most focus. While I love my blog and it’s such a strong passion of mine, it may have to take a bit of a backseat while I work these things into a better structure.

I’m off to Bilbao festival in Spain on Tuesday and want to give the friends I am going with 100% commitment to having the best time, and also relax and clear my head of any responsibilities. So in order to make the most of this I won’t be posting until I feel inspired and enthusiastic to again! Hopefully I’ll be returning with lots of festival content (my favourite kind) to share.

Keep up with my Instagram in the meantime if you want to see what I’m up to!

Lily x

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