The scarf with a story

Starting to become somewhat of a regular up North! This weekend I visited Newcastle for the third time and I have to say it never disappoints. It helps having two great friends who have lived there for nearly a year now and know all the good hangouts (@twointhetoon if you fancy some inspiration).

I’m a southerner at heart but I am developing quite a soft spot for the other end. I have family up in Scotland that I used to visit every year, and friends dotted around the UK provide me with the greatest excuse to explore. I love Manchester and York and next on my travel list is Edinburgh.

This bank holiday’s trip was a surprise result of my awful train-booking disaster the last time I visited (got a return ticket for the wrong day and had to fork out £80 to get home) but it meant I had a reason to head back up to make the most of the unused ticket and see my fave honorary Geordie couple and my best friend from school who is currently residing there – every cloud.

It seems I’m getting pretty train-savvy now as there were no hiccups this time (except from hungover me on the way home) and I managed to get there and back in one piece! It’s also fair to say I got a very thorough tour of the city between my hosts – as I’m writing this I realised the whole weekend revolved around brunch and bars (which was totally fine by me).

Saturday included wandering around Ouseburn under the guidance of Millie and Billy, who really know their tasty ales (much to their distaste I ordered lager everywhere we went) and good food. We went to Cook House for lunch on Saturday accompanied with a bottle of red (it was bank hol after all) and then headed to a record sale at Tyne Bank Brewery where we all got some great finds.

I picked up Making Movies by Dire Straits (admit that Bill found this for me as I was struggling to dig out any good ones with pint in hand) as Romeo and Juliet is one of my all-time favourite songs. They brewery has loads of good events on every weekend if you happen to be in Newcastle. Our pub crawl then took us on to Free Trade and Brinkburn Street Brewery, before heading back to the house for a selection of lovely beers Mill and Bill had selected (like I said, they really know their tasty ales).

JACKET Paul Smith (old, similar here) | JEANS H&M (old, similar here) | T-SHIRT New Look (old) | TRAINERS Converse

I met my friend Beth for her Newcastle night-tour which started at Maccies (it was inevitable) and ended with us stumbling back into her room at 4 in the morning. In between we had a pint at the Botanist, shared some (very good) wine in the Bridge Tavern, had a drunken natter in the beer garden of Alvinos, and danced like we were 16 again in the super fun No.28 (we just wanted ONE MORE drink and were pleasantly surprised when we got pointed towards this place).

Our hangovers were magically cured (sort of) by brunch at the Butterfly Cabinet in Heaton, where I treated myself to the delicious Eggs Royale before smugly ducking into my waiting taxi and heading to the station for the 4 hour journey home (the worst part of going up North).

It being me I packed for summer (the weather app said 12 degrees but it felt more like 2) and the reality that the North is a lot colder than down here hit me like the constant bloody wind. But I’m glad I could take this beloved Paul Smith jacket for a spin (not much choice as it was all I brought) because it doesn’t get to see the light of day much. The bold colour makes it difficult to style so I mostly go with a full black or white outfit for maximum effect, and it’s an awkward weight meaning it only thrives at certain times of year: mostly between seasons so end of spring/start of summer and the beginning of autumn (based on weather conditions in the South of course).

The scarf I’m wearing I found stuffed behind the chest of drawers in my Nan’s spare bedroom (temporarily my room). I took a shine to the intricate pattern and striking colours and Nan said I could borrow it for my trip – I knew it would make a dreamy addition to this outfit. I hadn’t realised what a retro treasure it is until she showed me the picture above, which is her styling it out in the late 80s on a boat to Brownsea Island!!!

I’m drawn to old pieces – especially simple vintage items like silk scarves – because they add some intrigue to an outfit. The beautiful hues really make the blue (some may say purple – it changes) of the jacket pop and together it adds a fun dimension to an otherwise rather plain transitional ensemble. I would mostly describe myself as a maximalist, either with a full on funky outfit or a softer one with exciting accessories, and so I like to perk up a jeans/t-shirt/trainers look with bright aspects (otherwise it just doesn’t feel like ‘me’).

Monday was spent recovering from my antics with breakfast and TV in bed (speaking of the North – did you SEE Game of Thrones?!), lunch out with Nan and a pamper night complete with face mask, reading and more wine (still bank hol after all). I hope you made the most of your three day weekend! If not the next one isn’t too far away…

Lily x

ph. Amelia Marson

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