Spring Green

Recently I’m finding my wardrobe filling up with more and more green pieces – khaki especially – and I’m living for it. I started getting into it last year, which is when I think I really started experimenting with a lot of different colours. I seemed to accumulate a vast amount of green over the summer, from bright pops to lime tones and, of course, khaki.

Now I seem to naturally gravitate towards the khaki colourway if there’s one available. A big part of fashion is finding those shades that work for you, and a lot of colours just really don’t suit me – I’m really not much of a ‘blue person’ for example (obviously some people are lucky enough to look good in everything). But something about khaki makes me feel really comfortable and chic.

I don’t tend to wear a lot of brown, except leopard print, so I feel khaki is kind of a substitute for this (and it looks great with leopard print). It’s super subtle so you can play around with bolder accessories, as I’ve done here with my bag and earrings.

I worked with Topshop a couple of months ago, and as soon as they got back in touch to offer me another voucher I instantly knew I was going to order a boiler suit, as I’ve been lusting over them for aaages (this was slightly more than the credit I received so I paid the extra out of my own pocket). I was tempted by that denim version (now sold out anyway), but after spotting this one it was a no-brainer!

I’m a big fan of jumpsuits, and boiler suits are like their edgy, fun younger sister. They’re ideal for this chillier weather while we’re hanging onto the promise of spring fully blooming; we’re done with thick knitwear and want to brave sandals, so it provides a dreamy canvas for that (if you know me you’ll know the excitement I feel at bringing the Birks back out for the first time this year).

The light material is soft and loose, so it’d be ideal on a scorching summer’s day if you didn’t want to be too exposed, and it’s just really comfy for any activity – something that is becoming increasingly important to me because I’m on the go all the time.

I did freeze my tits off to shoot this, and in retrospect I could have easily thrown a t-shirt or thin jumper underneath for some secret warmth; although actually I reckon pairing with a black turtleneck and sunglasses would look just as fab and offer another styling option for all-year-round wear.

My normal sizing mentality didn’t quite go to plan here as I went for one-up as usual, but it’s already pretty oversized. I’m quite happy with the extra room and bagginess, but for fitting around the booty area I’d probably get an 8 in future (it’s terrible I know: I’m just that person that is awful at sending things back and if I can I’ll make it work without having to go through the hassle – so lazy).

I’ve had the most wonderful chilled weekend – something my mum has been nagging me to do since I moved. Reminiscing, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t go out on a Friday or Saturday and then plan a load of activities on hangover day when I should be resting.

Instead of partying, I’ve had a real family-centred weekend and it’s been amazing. I’m such a non-stop, busy person I panic if I don’t have plans for every single day / night, when really I should be making plans to have some down time with myself. I crave time to read (that isn’t on a cramped rush-hour train) and light candles and do nothing, but it’s in my nature to be restless and keen to explore, so this isn’t something I manage to achieve very often.

Admittedly I did go out Thursday night for a friend’s work leaving do, although I wasn’t out late (by my standards) and managed to catch the last train home for a change! Friday was spent at a lovely dinner party hosted by my cousin and his girlfriend who have moved into their first home together. The company was fab and it’s a brilliant feeling to have a few drinks, some good grub and a right laugh without going too crazy.

BOILER SUIT Topshop (gifted) | SANDALS Birkenstock | BAG Topshop (old)

Saturday I woke up energised after a little lie-in and was fresh enough to get my arse to the gym for my fix of much-needed endorphins. I was worried the rest of the day would drag because I had nothing scheduled apart from niggly little admin things I’ve been putting off for ages: car insurance renewal (ouch), car tax, tidying my uninhabitable room (honestly hats off to my nan for putting up with me).

Getting all of these tasks out of the way actually really satisfied me and I took full advantage of not having to rush around to get ready or feeling pressured into going anywhere. I think this is a habit I need to make more regular: taking one weekend a month to get on top of everything, including health. I have still had a few drinks each evening, but nowhere near as much as I’d normally get through if I was out dancing.

I’ve lived with my Nan for three months and we haven’t had any proper quality time together as I’m busy working or meeting friends, so it was wonderful to go for dinner together Saturday night and enjoy each other’s company with a good old natter. Back at home we shared a bottle of red whilst watching Bridget Jones’ Diary and it was just LOVELY.

A Sunday plan to browse Columbia Road Flower Market with a friend fell through. Normally I would desperately try to fill this gap with another activity, but sometimes failed plans are a blessing in disguise. It meant I could laze about and indulge in Sunday morning properly (a rare luxury for me). I made it to the gym again and met my cousin to get these snaps. The evening was another family-orientated social with a home cooked dinner, and then finally I caught up with some pyjama-clad reading whilst slathered in a face mask and surrounded by my neglected candles.

I’m guilty of not listening to internal cries for some TLC, and boy do I feel ready to take on the world now I’ve pampered myself properly (I’ve had a little spring clean, if you will). I underestimate how important and incredible my body is every day, and forget that it’s my responsibility to look after it, instead of following my brain’s unrealistic drive to be constantly active.

I’m looking forward to tackling the rest of the month with a fresh mindset, lots of exciting plans to look forward to, and a cracking boiler suit to do it all in.

Lily x

Ph. Ellie Kiff

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