There’s nothing I love more than when an unexpected outfit comes together. My spontaneous, intrinsic fashion taste constantly throws surprises my way in terms of styling. Double beige? Not a look I’ve ever considered, but after throwing these two off-white pieces together it turns out I’m 100% here for it.

I’ve long obsessed over mixing and matching items to create interesting outfits – in my teens I would try on every item in my wardrobe in front of the mirror to conjure up inspiration (literally, every one). Endless possibilities and fresh combinations of materials and colours excite me; most often the ensembles I relish in the most are the ones that happen accidentally.

These cream Levis just happened to be lying on the bed where I’d also strewn my oatmeal jumper, and a little lightbulb popped up in my head on seeing them lying next to each other. The colours are almost a perfect match – and while donning one shade head-to-toe is a trend I would probably avoid in a bolder colour, beige feels like a minimal, blank canvas to work with.

I’m evidently embracing colour this year and welcoming happy, bright hues into my wardrobe, but it’s nice to refresh my palette with a wash of neutrals to make way for future creativity.

It just goes to show that we don’t always need to be splurging out on new items when there are plenty of simple methods to freshen up the treasured pieces we already have.

I guess that’s an attitude that has been instilled in me from a young age – make the most of what you have got and don’t purchase things on impulse. Today I suppose I link this more with sustainability and resisting the temptation (most of the time) to dip into the world of fast fashion.

This vintage blazer has featured on here a few times now, yet I never get sick of it or feel I’m wearing it to death – every time I style it the vibe is alternative to the previous look. I am on the hunt for a new blazer but just can’t seem to justify the purchase unless it’ll top this one…

I can’t recommend the cashmere range from Boden enough, either. This jumper has had a lot of outings already and been through the wash a couple of times and just seems to get better with every wear. Its simplicity means I can play around with it and it has become somewhat of an essential basic for me – another item that’s been on the blog before but looking worlds apart from here thanks to the power of accessories.

BLAZER Vintage from Sue Ryder | JUMPER Boden (gifted, similar here) | JEANS Levis (similar here) | TRAINERS Converse

I’m really bowing down to the greatness of hi top converse at the moment, I’m so glad I opted for this style as it bridges the awkward gap where my ankles are usually peeking out all pale and cold. They’re effortlessly cool and are the trainers I always resort back to when in doubt.

Being the clumsy human I am, I have lost (or misplaced, they’re probably lurking in a bag somewhere) all my favourite lipsticks aside from this burgundy Body Shop one, so this is what I’ll be wearing for the foreseeable future until I can bring myself to repurchase them (which, we all know, is when the missing lipsticks will miraculously turn up).

My Ford Fiesta has become a kind of ‘cardrobe’ as I’m never seemingly settled in a specific place for more than a week. The state of it has escalated (I’m ashamed) from having a couple of spare coats in the back to now being a flat out storage space for shoes and anything that won’t fit in my wardrobe at my nan’s house (which is literally bucking under the weight of my ridiculous jacket collection).

Every time I head back to Wales I seem to outrageously overpack and pop another coat and pair of boots in the car, then bring back items I think I’ll need but these actually just join the cardrobe stash. At least if I ever break down I’ll be toasty warm (but the recovery person will be appalled at the Diet Coke cans, McDonalds packaging and random party dresses littering the passenger foot well).

I’m trying to get back into the habit of posting twice weekly again (this is why I don’t have time to clean my car), but equally I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself as my weekends are usually non-stop and I find it hard to concentrate in the evenings after staring at a laptop all day. So it will most likely be a matter of circumstance rather than a religious schedule – although I have lots of exciting content ideas I want to share!

Lily x

ph. Megan Dolphin

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