Culture Corner #2

Welcome to the second instalment of my new little blog segment – if you missed the last one it’s basically just me sharing snippets of things I’m loving at the moment that I think deserve to be shared and spreading positive vibes. No encouragement to buy fast fashion and no promotions in sight.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing people already since moving to London, and although we can all be guilty of criticising Instagram, I also jump at the chance to sing its praises for connecting me with like-minded people and drawing my attention to cool happenings I wouldn’t have otherwise heard of.

The Female Struggle Is Real

I mentioned in my last post that I was super privileged to attend an event with Topshop after being their brand partner for the last couple of months (thanks Instagram!) and I’m so glad I did because I got to meet some inspiring fellow creatives. Especially this wonderful woman, Emma Jo Real-Davies.

I’m a big lover of making friends; it’s definitely a driving force behind a lot of my socialising and pushing myself out of my comfort zone because I’m excited to mingle. You know those people you meet and instantly click and realise you’re sooo on the same wavelength? That’s how I felt when I bumped into Emma (and then proceeded to drink the bar dry with her all evening). And then I found out she also has the most incredible podcast talking about the infinite amount of struggles us females face on the daily.

Think periods, heartbreak, the pill – all the taboo stuff we find awkward to discuss, Emma just smashes each serious topic down with her lighthearted, bubbly spin on things. Her interviewees are always so relevant and interesting and I love how she’ll break down that barrier between audience and presenter by recording herself doing everyday things, like trying out a moon cup in the middle of M&S toilets. What a babe.

I listen on Spotify, and you can check out her Instagram here!

The Particular Sadness Of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender

I’m on a mission to get through as many books as I can this year after letting my reading slip recently, and this was the first one I finished in 2019.

I picked it up in a charity shop ages ago after thinking it seemed quite quirky, but it had been sat on my bookshelf gathering dust since then (proving just how much my reading has been neglected).

It’s a truly beautiful, very unusual book with hidden metaphors and intriguing characters that kept me curious from the very beginning.

It features struggles surrounding ordinary family life but with a mysterious twist, and I completely fell in love with the funny, nonchalant personality of the main character who is so blunt yet so passionate about life. It made me smile, it made me tear up in places, and it opened my eyes to different perspectives with such incredible words.


I’m a big lover of charity and vintage shopping, and take inspiration from as many sources as possible. I think it’s such a creative way to shop because you’re actively searching for hidden gems, rather than passively browsing through rows and rows of the same clothes.

One Instagram account that always reminds me of how wonderful charity shopping can be is Sauver (meaning ‘to save’ when translated from French). I’ve followed Alicia’s second hand journey for a while now and always adore the way she styles the great bargains she picks up.

She kickstarted the hashtag #asseenonsomeoneelse that you may have spotted on Instagram, and think it’s a fab way to encourage users to share their finds – I follow the hashtag and love seeing the pieces people have discovered being given a new lease of life. I asked Alicia what charity shopping means to her:

“I grew up around charity shopping, my mum is a top charity shopper and taught me the ropes. As an unenthusiastic teen dressed in the same black outfit and studded belt combo it wasn’t until uni that I really took the charity shops on. I could never afford the latest trends from Topshop so it started more for me due to cost and is now so rooted in me – to shop anyway where other than charity shops makes me feel guilty.”

An amazing corner of Alicia’s home

More recently Alicia has given behind the scenes insight into her incredible home revocation, including creative tips and upcycled furniture. Lots of her furniture is sourced from charity shops and the arrangements combined with paint colours create a modern vibe with a retro twist. It’s dreamy.

“Fighting against fast fashion is a big part of it but for me it’s all about the charity. It blows my mind that I can style myself while a charity benefits. I don’t need to compromise with my style, I would still dress this way even if I was to shop on the high street and now I furnish my house with charity shop furniture.

“My top tip would be to always check the sale rail & bargain buckets, it’s there you can find clothes for pence and it’s the most affordable way to experiment. You can practice altering clothing or try something new and it won’t break the bank.”

See Alicia’s finds on Instagram and read her blog here.

Reusable water bottles

Stop plastic pollution, but make it sassy. Of course, these are nothing new (and we should all have one) but I can’t get over how cool this one from Typo is. I actually own this (and personally think everyone should) and it’s now on sale for a tenner! Just the right level of appropriate to get away with in the office, brilliant to express how I feel on a Monday morning when I don’t get a seat on the train (I love getting weird looks from equally grumpy commuters), and striking the perfect balance between cool and dripping with attitude. A big silent ‘fuck you’ to all that plastic in our oceans (and to anyone that annoys me throughout the day).

Music I have on repeat right now

Catfish and the Bottlemen – Longshot
The Raconteurs – Now That You’re Gone
Derek & The Dominos & Eric Clapton – Layla
Mac DeMarco – A Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes
Ian Brown – Ripples
Black Sabbath – Paranoid
Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven
Sundara Karma – Illusions
Foals – Exits
The 1975 – Love It If We Made It

I’ve created a spring playlist on Spotify if you want more where that came from (yes I got a bit excited after the hot weather but it’s technically spring now right?).

Here’s wishing you a marvellous March! If you have any quirky suggestions of cool goings-on you think would slot well into this segment or think I should know about, or any wonderful accounts to shout about on Insta, please hit me up!

Lily x

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