The jumper dress with a twist

*Brit alert* about to start the post with a conversation about the weather because how crazy has this heatwave been?! Don’t get me wrong, I’m never going to complain about it being warm enough to bare some skin and head to the seaside, but I can’t help but feel guilt at the fact I’m enjoying it in the middle of our winter.

It’s like exam ‘revision guilt’ at school when you do a fun activity to procrastinate, but there’s always that bad feeling poking around at the back of your mind because you know you should be working. The very idea of not wearing a coat in February is so wrong, yet here I am taking full advantage of that by prancing around with my legs out at the beach.

I know we’re back to relatively wintery forecasts now, and it’s lovely to get a tiny glimpse of spring, but it genuinely felt like a summer’s day and we can’t pretend that we don’t understand the cause behind that.

Global warming lecture aside – I’m really glad I got to show this amazing Boden dress in all its glory! Tights just don’t do it justice so it’s one for milder days, but will be a great transitional piece moving towards spring (once the second Ice Age has passed through Britain).

The jumper dresses I remember from my childhood were overly chunky, itchy and largely unattractive (my usual solution now is to wear an oversized sweater as a dress), so I’m over the moon that thin, chic and comfy versions exist. Especially when they feature subtle rainbow stripes.

Navy isn’t a colour I would usually opt for but I’m never sure why I don’t give it more of a chance – I’m not a big lover of tan accessories and there seems to be a general feeling that navy must be paired with brown. As it’s such a casual dress it’s easy to style with my white trainers and soon it will look fab with sandals. I was hoping I could dress it up for the office, but I’m not 100 percent on what shoes could do that… maybe I’m being a little too ambitious (or lazy for wanting ultimate comfort at work).

I love that the candy-coloured strips line the dress in an almost boxy fashion. It’s an effortless way to inject a pop of colour into an outfit when you don’t fancy going all out. As usual I went for a size 12 so this was a little baggier on me and so the hem would hang loose, but if you wanted it to be fitted I’d opt for your normal size.

I feel sort of like a lost dog at the moment: I’m flitting up and down the M4 in my Ford Fiesta (with no hubcaps) every weekend like I’m starring in my own version of Gavin and Stacey. I’m living between my parent’s, boyfriend’s and nan’s houses out of my overstuffed Ellesse bag, working from home wherever is most convenient and getting hardly any sleep as result of trying to fit everyone in.

Strangely this is quite freeing and liberating – I feel free to wander wherever I please and fill my time with what makes me happiest at that moment. Although I am usually sat doing work at a desk, I don’t feel chained to one specific space in an office – I’m lucky to have the flexibility to complete my tasks either looking out onto the London skyline or surrounded by the Brecon Beacons.

I am starting to feel most relaxed in Croxley now; whenever I return here and dump all my bags down I have that relief that I’m ‘home.’ In the next few week’s I’d like to take advantage of this and start getting into more of a routine: join a gym (although it’s going to take a miracle to squeeze that in before work), start making plans with the friends in London I’ve been meaning to see since I moved, do some more exploring.

DRESS Boden (gifted) | TRAINERS Adidas | SUNGLASSES Zara (old)

That might all have to take a seat on the back-burner though, as I’m off to Nottingham today for one hot minute for ANOTHER friend’s birthday (can’t catch a break) and still feel a little run down from my kidney infection.

Luckily I was in Wales for the nice weather and had a beautiful afternoon wandering the cliffs surrounding Caswell Bay in Swansea, eating chips covered in salt and vinegar sitting on my coat on the wet sand and laughing side-splittingly with great company.

My messy, wavy hair didn’t look out of place for once and it was such a good feeling to get the sunglasses out for the first time this year – I swear my freckles even started to make an appearance…

Lily x

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