London by night

Finally found some time to shoot in London – even if that time was after work and in between drinks! I was worried how pictures would turn out in the dark but I’m actually super happy with these and love the location.

One positive I hadn’t really considered was that nighttime means it’s less busy, so there’s more opportunities in terms of creativity and space. Of course, it started to rain but luckily we found refuge under St Paul’s (somewhere that would be impossible to get photos in the day because it’d be swamped with tourists) and the backdrop looks pretty damn cool.

This jumpsuit is Boden and worked amazingly to take me from the office straight out to meet a friend for drinks – something that’s proving increasingly essential in keeping up with my changing lifestyle.

I got the jumpsuit in an tall 8 and although that means it’s slightly large, you’ll probably know by now that’s how I like things to fit. It hangs slightly off my frame but this creates such a lovely shape accentuated by the cinch at the waist – I love the way the sleeves and legs are wide but broken up by that belt in the middle.

The material is such good, thick quality yet it’s lightweight and incredibly comfy. It’s basically the ideal template for what a day-to-night outfit should be: professional and smart for work, but easily made sophisticatedly casual for evening wear. (I wore it with heels to the office and then changed into my Vans to head out in).

The mix of dressy pieces with trainers or Dr Martens is something that always appeals to me, and the formal jumpsuit with my Old Skool vans is no exception. It’s an outfit that subtly cries ‘I don’t take myself too seriously’ but says it with a hint of sass.

JUMPSUIT Boden (gifted) | TRAINERS Vans (similar here) | LEOPARD PRINT COAT Boden (gifted)

This leopard print coat, also Boden, has been my saviour on cold nights where I can’t bring myself to sacrifice style and slog on my Mountain Warehouse puffer. It’s so snug and easily fits another layer or two underneath – but I always need an umbrella just in case as a friend recently pointed out it wouldn’t look so great if I got soaked and resembled a wet dog.

I’m soooo excited to say that Boden have chosen to carry our partnership on for another 4 months! I’ve been overjoyed with the pieces I’ve been able to select and the content I’ve created through that, so the prospect of working more with them in the future is amazing.

I can’t recommend the brand enough – their styles have slipped into my everyday wear so smoothly, while simultaneously standing out and giving my outfits that extra bit of pizazz they may otherwise be lacking. The quality is beautiful and the collections are timeless.

After the success of this experimental shoot I can’t wait to try out further ensembles around London and see how they turn out – maybe even some more at night. It feels like a more raw process than my usual daytime photos as this genuinely reflects what I wear on a daily basis, not just me putting my gladrags on for the blog.

The photos are more sincere: this is genuinely what I was doing at this place and time, I haven’t specifically had to scout out and plan a location and I think it shows.

After saying all that I’m actually in Newcastle this weekend for a friend’s birthday – ain’t no rest for the wicked. Since moving I feel like I’ve travelled more than I ever usually would which can only be a good thing, but I’m looking forward to having some time to settle in next month.

Lil x

ph. Abi Thomas

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