Cosy in Cashmere

*Moves to London and then travels 3 hours home to take photos in front of pink wall*

Sometimes those little achievements in life can mean the most to us. The ones we have in the back of our mind for years; the plans and promises we make to ourselves that we know will happen someday – we’re just not sure when that might be.

Ever since moving to Wales 10 years ago I knew I’d want to head back down south and live in London (yes, even aged 11). I’m a city girl through and through, although after residing in a small village for so long I’ll always have a soft spot for the countryside. But London is the only place I have ever visited and felt truly at home; I can be myself without any reservations or self-doubt and it has the opportunities for the lifestyle I’ve always wanted.

Maybe it’s because the place is so big I have no fears of bumping into anyone I know (something I used to dread in my little town) and that I can dress as extra as I like without getting funny looks, and because even getting on a packed tube fills me with excitement (although I’m sure it won’t after two months of commuting two hours every day).

So it’s official. Last week I finally ticked the ‘move to London’ memo off my metaphorical to-do list, and while it might not seem like that big of a deal to some it feels like a genuine weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Like I’ve been carrying round the burden of dreaming to be in London for so long and now that I’ve done it the world is my oyster.

My mum has always said: ‘even if it turns out you hate it, you need to go and get it out of your system.’ But to me it has never really been an option – instead it feels like I’ve just been waiting to get there.

This may all sound a bit deep and at this stage I’d like to clarify I’m only actually on the outskirts of the city in Watford at the moment, hopefully I will be moving into the centre pretty soon when I get sorted but it’s still a hell of a lot closer than Wales.

I also suppose the more commendable achievement is the fact that I’ve managed to get myself a job after months of complaining about post-uni depression and living at home. I’m excited to see where my career will take me and have to pinch myself when I remember this is just the beginning and I’m so glad the ball is rolling!

One thing in my life that has never really had my back is timing – but then again does anything ever really happen at the ‘right time’?! I suppose there’s never a good time to move, or to get into a relationship, or for any kind of change to happen, and maybe that’s because a lot of these incidents happen when you least expect them… and God knows I’m always bloody late.

Philosophical overthinking aside, I’d like to thank Boden again for partnering with me for the last three months – the items I’ve recived will be staple pieces in my wardrobe wherever I end up going. I’m one of those people that is way too extravagant and unpredictable to build a capsule wardrobe, but in a way the items I have collected from Boden collaborate to create a personal version of that, including both everyday and special occasion bits.

It’s so refreshing to start thinking ahead past the gloomy winter (as if I move south and we get more snow than the Brecon Beacons) with the pieces I’ve chosen for January, which I can’t wait to show you. In the meantime this cashmere jumper will be keeping me cosy.

I loved my oatmeal colourway so much I had to get it in black too! There’s nothing more basic yet essential than a plain black jumper (in my opinion) and so I’ll be wearing this to death. It goes without saying that it compliments everything thanks to the colour and crew neck. I got a medium for my usual slightly oversized fit and couldn’t be happier with the look.

I haven’t done a monochrome outfit for a while and forgot how bold it can be and how easy it is to style. The converse just add the finishing touch and tie everything together. To be honest I had pretty much ruled wearing this skirt out again until summer when I can get my legs out, but it actually looks pretty good with tights too.

I think white denim is perenially cool – it’s a breath of fresh air amongst Mom jeans and faded blue tones and the skirt’s frayed hem clashes with the thick jumper, striking that interesting balance between sophisticated and casual.

And I found the most Instagrammable pink wall ever. It just happens to be in my best friend’s garden back home in Wales…

Lily x

ph. Megan Dolphin

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