Culture Corner

Super excited to share with you the first post of my new monthly blog feature Culture Corner, which will be replacing my former ‘Lust Lists’. I’ve recently been shocked at the hidden negative aspects of the fashion industry, like many of us, and while this doesn’t mean I’m never going to shop high-street again, it does mean I’m trying to be more conscious in terms of what I buy. For a while I’ve been totally uninspired curating my Lust Lists and just feel they encourage the idea that we always need new clothes, when half the time I don’t need them or have no intention to purchase anything on there. 

So instead, I want to be promoting and sharing all the positive things I come across each month; from bands and music I love and books I’ve really enjoyed reading or podcasts I regularly listen to, to empowering Instagram accounts and unique, independent businesses. There won’t be a set criteria (something that used to fill me with dread anyway) and no particular rule to when I post (although I’ll normally aim to keep it as a bonus on top of my usual schedule). It will simply be focused on inspiring others and spreading the love – however cheesy that may sound. 

Nakey Noods

One of my very best friends (and one of the most selfless people I know) has set up her own business painting groovy nude portraits and is taking commissions from anyone who wants to have their own empowering naked painting to frame and appreciate every day. I may be a teeeny bit bias, but her funky, colourful artwork is so creative and original. I’m one incredibly proud friend and always supportive of any projects that encourage positive feminism and self-appreciation.

Instagram: @nakeynoods
Etsy: NakeyNoods

The Power

I strongly believe in the power (no pun intended) of sharing books and the wonderful conversations that they can inspire. It’s also a great way to recycle and let someone else enjoy a good story.
The same friend I just mentioned sent me this book among some other beautiful pick-me-ups after I went through a rough patch early last year, as she thoroughly enjoyed reading it and knew I would too.

Written by Naomi Alderman it explores the effects of a world where women hold all the power as opposed to men, thanks to a special trait embedded within all females that allows for naturally superior strength. The storyline is enthralling and really makes you consider the true extent of the current state of inequality we live in. After reading I passed it onto another friend for them to enjoy!

Buy here (or ask a friend if they have a copy you can borrow).

The Guilty Feminist

One of the first podcasts I truly got into and that genuinely makes me LOL while stopping to ponder the important topics dicussed in each episode. Deborah Frances-White is the most charismatic and refreshing host: not afraid to really speak her mind or question her guests while simultaneously cracking hilarious jokes and making us listeners all feel a little bit better about those day-to-day doubts we may think make us un-feminist. Her guests range from politicians to playwrites and activists, fabulous comedians, refugees and recently even the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. It’s on the top of this year’s to-do list to get a ticket and attend a live recording of the podcast as it always sounds like such a laugh. This is my kind of politics: smashing the patriarchy and learning about difficult issues with a feminist agenda in a way that’s fun and inviting.

I listen on Spotify.

Music I have on repeat right now

Psychadelic Porn Crumpets – Marmalade March 
Matt Maltese – Bad Contestant 
The 1975 – Be My Mistake
Stephen Fretwell – – 
Lily Allen – Trigger Bang
Broken Bells – It’s That Talk Again
Will Varley – As For My Soul
Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
Miles Kane – Shavambacu
Florence and The Machine – South London Forever

Listen to my full Autumn / Winter playlist on Spotify.

So that’s a little round-up of the things that are inspiring me the most at the moment, and I’ll be curating another post like this to share with you next month. I hope you found it interesting and if you have any suggestions for content I would be honoured to hear them!

Lily x

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