A good old jumper

I found a mirror selfie of this outfit on my old phone the other day while transferring some photos and loved it so much I decided to shoot it. I love rediscovering old pieces that work so well together, and although I normally have a terrible mindset that prevents me from outfit repeating, I’m all for the sustainability of re-wearing instead of buying new when you can.

I kind of fell out of love with this jumper and contemplated selling it, but recently dug it out of an Ikea bag full of old clothes and have reintroduced it into my wardrobe to give it a new lease of life.

It just goes to show that our tastes come back around and it’s worth saving classic items like a good jumper or a investment bag in case you want to reach for it in the future, because you never know what you’ll fall back in love with!

These jeans are no stranger to the blog and I’m still as obsessed as I was when I bought them. I love the casual, oversized feel and how versatile they become when styled with various tops and accessories.

They’ve through the heatwave of ‘18 (our one hot summer has definitely gone down in history right?) and into the depths of winter as seen here, but the ensembles always look worlds apart. They also now sport a rather stubborn Dark Fruits stain (I blame you, summer ‘18) but I’ve accepted the fact I’ll be wearing them regardless.

The waffle knit is so cosy and easy to wear, and looks refreshing against the white denim. I always sense a military-style vibe when pairing these jeans with my Dr Martens and it’s growing on me as something a little different!

All in all I feel like it’s one of those simple, staple winter outfits that looks minimal yet cool under a huge coat and – as always – I connect with the retro style of the oversized roll-neck and cropped trousers. It has that vintage aspect that I try to emulate in every ensemble because it just feels like ‘me’.

JUMPER Glamorous (old, similar here) | JEANS Cos (old, similar here) |
BOOTS Dr Martens (similar here)| TOTE Mude Threads

As mentioned before I have an ever-growing collection of fabulous tote bags and was lucky enough to receive another amazing one from a close friend for Christmas.

These peachy bum bags are handmade by Jazz Moodie – the creative behind Mude Threads which designs and makes the most incredible pieces, including embroidered cushions and t-shirts with nude commissions on.

These funky canvas bags aren’t just pretty either, 100% of the profits go to Bloody Good Period, which supplies period essentials to refugees and asylum seekers. A bloody good cause if you ask me!

It’s the little additions like this that make an outfit great, too. A chunky black belt to toughen up and a chic tote to keep it interesting.

I have a busy few weeks ahead so you may have to bare with me in terms of regular posting, but I’m excited to share where I’m going and my next steps in life… let’s just say my photos may not be shot in Welsh woodlands for that much longer!

Lily x

ph. Anna Herring

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