Taking 2019 at my pace

No, I haven’t metaphorically chosen to take these photos at the track because I’m planning to start getting fit as a New Year’s resolution (although I do need to head back to the gym); or to symbolise running away from trashy boys or any of the bad decisions I made in 2018.

In fact, I’m not making any ‘resolutions’ of that kind this year. To be quite honest I just chose to shoot this outfit here because I thought the location would be pretty cool – turns out I was right.

While I wasn’t ‘perfect’ last year (who is?) and am never going to be, it’s useless attempting to iron out all my flaws in the first week of January and then giving up when I realise it’s totally unrealistic. Personal flaws are good (even if we might despise them) because they make us unique. So instead I’m going to focus on flaws that affect more than just me.

I’m setting myself a few long-term goals – NOT resolutions that will last a week – but sensible, realistic challenges that will benefit more than just my ego after smashing the gym and eating avocado on toast.

Simple, achievable things, like doing my bit for the planet, and a bit extra. Rather than thinking ‘oh f*ck it, one more packet of face wipes won’t hurt,’ I want to integrate more eco-friendly products into my life that I can use on a daily basis and not feel guilty about my plastic consumption. The Frugality put together a really detailed and comprehensive list of little changes we can make to be more sustainable so I’m taking a few ideas from there.

I am starting with face wipes, though, and using reusable face cloths to take off my make-up. I’m also going to invest in period pants (genius idea – who wants to be messing around with an uncomfortable sanitary towel these days?), washable cotton pads and a coffee cup.

On the diet front, I’m not bothering to try and slim down or cut out any foods that I love (but I will be trying to eat less gluten as it bloats the hell out of me). Over Christmas I sacked off the gym and didn’t police anything I ate (including a few cheeky pigs in blankets), and while I have felt a little sluggish as a result I’m totally okay with that because I’ve enjoyed myself and I know I’ll get back on track over the next few months.

Saying that, though, I’m not going to rush back into gyming it every day. I’ll take it at my pace and ease back into it as I’m far more concerned with the mental health benefits than slimming down (a very different view to the one I would have taken a few years ago). I want to push myself to try an exercise class with a friend and get back into yoga as I often get stuck in my little gym bubble which I eventually lose interest in because it becomes so repetitive.

Evidently my meat-eating morals have slipped over the past twelve months, and although I’m aiming to stick to a mostly vegetarian diet, I have decided that if my body is craving meat it’s for the best to give in to it. There are some meats I still couldn’t touch, like chicken, and while I started for cruelty reasons I’m more inclined to be veggie now because of the environment. I’m pretty fond of the term ‘flextitarian’ that’s flying around at the moment and think that sums me up just fine.

2018 has been a bit of a roller coaster ride for me. I really struggled with third year uni coursework and went through a tough break-up around the same time, said some very hard goodbyes and struggled with my mental health more than ever.

The lows have been awful but were definitely outnumbered by the amazing highs: I graduated, had some incredible experiences and met the most fabulous people, travelled to new places and had some amazing opportunities to do the things I love.

I think it’s been my favourite year yet and I’d do it all again given half the chance. But I’ve got a little feeling that 2019 is going to top it…

T-SHIRT Uniqlo | JEANS Mango (similar here) | TRAINERS Converse | 
TOTE BAG It’s Not a Phase Mum | COAT Mango (similar here)

This is a pretty staple outfit in my wardrobe (as you probably already know by now) – jeans, a striped t-shirt and trainers. I’m also a sucker for a tote bag, I use one pretty much every day and am always on the lookout to grow my collection. They’re ideal for shopping or just throwing everything in when you’re in a rush, plus in my opinion they look cool and are super versatile.

The jazzy stripe on these jeans helps make the ensemble a little less basic, as does this groovy new tote bag, which I received as a Christmas gift from a close friend. The bags are handmade by Liv Fenwick (shop above) and it’s probably the most appropriate one I could ever own. I’m tote-ally in love (sorry)!

As for the trainers, I’m saying a sad farewell to my old Converse which served me well but have finally been defeated by grubby dance floors and muddy festivals. Instead I’ve opted for hi-tops and actually prefer them so far! My ankles are also a lot warmer because they bridge that gap between my shoes and cropped jeans.

I hope you all had a lovely time celebrating the New Year! Cheers to 2019.
Lily x

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