Leopard print coat

Merry Christmas lovely people! I hope you have all enjoyed the past few days, whatever it is you’ve been doing and however you like to celebrate. In my opinion the best thing about Christmas is the funny little traditions we all have, meaning no one’s is quite the same.

Personally this year has been slightly different for me as we have come away to see family in England instead of hosting like we usually do at my parents house in Wales. My sister and her family recently moved to New Zealand so it’s been pretty difficult not having them around, but it makes me grateful for face-time and appreciating the ones that are around us to make the day feel special.

New traditions can be a good thing, as well – as much as I shy away from change it’s healthy. This year we ended up dancing in the kitchen and singing into tonic water bottles as improvised microphones (I was mid-way through pouring my gin, obviously).

Some things never change though – I still woke up excited at the crack of dawn, got merry mixing too many drinks, and ended up crying and in bed by midnight (no matter how hard we try to stay up late and party on into the morning we’re always too full and sleepy).

Enough about me, anyway, and onto the stars of my festivities: this amazing leopard print coat from Boden, and of course the pearly Topshop bag which has been permanently glued to my hand since it arrived.

For years I have lusted over so many faux leopard print coats – always with the totally unrealistic dream of having that Alexa Chung-esque air of sophistication about me. Obviously that’s a little ambitious, but I’d like to think I’ve captured her cool-girl essence and made it my own here.

Despite all my drooling over various styles, when I finally saw this Boden jacket it was love at first sight and I had to have it! The bulky, awkward fit suits me down to the ground and I feel so comfortable in it – it’s almost as if I’m wearing a giant blanket and the temptation to constantly stroke myself is pretty hard to fight.

The quality is incredible and because it’s so warm it can be worn without much underneath (as seen here). And while it looks glam just with some jeans and boots, I’m loving this subtly sexy, wild-child party look. Definitely inspiration for the glitz and glamour of New Year’s Eve.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not the biggest fan of ugly, opaque tights. They’re itchy, they fall down and they always kill the sparkle of a great dress – in my opinion. But there’s something about sheer tights that I think is so appealing when done right.

COAT (gifted) Boden |DRESS Missguided | BOOTS ASOS | BAG (gifted) Topshop (similar here) | HAIR BARRETTE Accessorize (similar here)

They hardly offer much warmth, but they add a hint of elegance that’s combined with the recklessness of party girl-chic.

The coat length is great and contrary to my first thoughts, it goes with a lot more than I anticipated because the clashing of prints and colours is an easy way to make a statement.

Although having said that I do think the coat really comes alive when worn over a simple, plain outfit. I’ve just got on my favourite LBD and really like how you can only see glimpses of it.

Red lippy is a no-brainer and the pearl accessories help make the whole thing very Shrimps. I’ve always adored the brand but the brand is so far out of my ball park right now it’s a spectacular home run, so these pieces have given me the satisfaction of feeling like a Shrimps girl without spending a month’s wages.

I got the coat in a 12 and it’s like a glove but roomy enough to fit a jumper under. The frumpy oversizedness (trust me I’m singing it’s praises and not being critical) and fluffy faux fur remind me of the beautiful Shrimps coats.

And as for the AMAZING pearly Topshop bag, it’s genuinely changed my party-season looks forever. It takes them to a whole new level by upping the shine without having to make a song and dance about it. It’s very similar to the Antonia bag that’s all over Instagram (the one I’ve been eyeing up for months) and on a high street budget.

That’s all from me this week as I’m enjoying spending less time on social media while spending more time with my family and friends, so I’m going to get back to that!

I hope you like this look and have a great time over the rest of this hazy post-Christmas period where no one knows what day it is, and that the new year brings all you want and more. I’ll be posting a little round-up of my whirlwind of a year to kick off next week’s post.

Lily x

ph. Megan Dolphin 

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