The jumper at the end of the rainbow

My latest sartorial search was for the best rainbow jumper out there and finally my perseverance has paid off! I honestly have searched high and low and settled for nothing but the best I could find – and I hit the jackpot with this little sale gem from Urban Outfitters.

I found it shopping while extremely hungover in Westfields last weekend and it made me look a million times better – so obviously I knew it was the one (unfortunately it doesn’t have the power to actually cure hangovers, just make you look amazing). 

There’s just something about funky jumpers I can’t resist – I have a wardrobe full of fab colours, but this one tops them all. It’s so striking and makes a statement no matter what it’s worn with, and actually looks great teamed with simple black jeans and my Docs because they make the vivid hues pop that bit more.

A good few jumpers are essential in my opinion to rotate throughout the winter – the brighter the better as they bring some joy to those dark days, especially living in damp Wales where you’re limited to thick knits and big coats for the majority of the season.

It’s good quality, chunky and warm and honestly radiates positive vibes – I’ve had countless compliments on it (even when hungover) and somehow just wearing it puts me in a good mood. For me that’s how I know an item is special: when it instantly cheers me up and I feel confident and comfortable wearing it.

JUMPER (sold out online, similar here) |JEANS H&M | BOOTS Dr Martens |EARRINGS Claire’s Accessories (similar here)

It’s definitely going to be reserved for days I don’t feel great or need a little boost to get that spring back in my step. I’m also very excited to let it work its magic at festivals and parties, and know it will look incredible under dungarees and dresses for pro layering.

I’m super fond of the shape this outfit creates: high neck, flared, a bit bulky and retro thanks to the cropped jeans with clunky boots leaving a pale little sliver of ankle on show – which I think I love because it’s so awkward. Also this is my only styling option because I’m STILL yet to invest in some bloody full length jeans (I’ve just accepted the fact that fashion wins and I’m going to have cold ankles forever).

The bold colours speak for themselves and do all the hard work, but a splash of red lippy compliments it so well and my favourite star hoops keep the ensemble fun and festive.

After bigging this jumper up so much I’m actually very disappointed to admit I can’t find it online for you to shop, but I think there are still plenty available in-store judging by the amount of stock in the Westfields UO. If not, The Ragged Priest have an excellent version (although it’s a bit more on the pricey side) which I’ve linked above.

In other news I genuinely, like everyone else apparently, cannot believe how quick Christmas has come around. I think I embraced the festive spirit too early (in like, October) and now I’m kind of over it after listening to Christmas songs on repeat in work for two months (I swear if I hear Wham! one more time…).

Hopefully some sparkly nights out this coming week and Christmas meals with my friends will get me back on track, and if that doesn’t driving to my sister’s house on the 24th with Chris Rea playing certainly will!

Let me know if you find any rainbow jumpers to rival this beauty.
Lily x

ph. Meg Dolphin

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