A week in pictures

Mixing things up with a slightly different post this week – I’ve been away in London for an internship at my favourite EVER paper and although I was too busy to get some proper pictures taken I loved every second of it so wanted to share the iPhone snaps I did get (all edited with VSCO). 

The Independent was the first paper I really read and the most amazing place to gain some experience and add to my portfolio, so I am beyond happy to have spent some time in their office meeting the lovely people behind it and writing pieces I’m super proud of.

Service station chic travelling down to London from Wales on Sunday. 
Arrived early in London on Monday morning with plenty of time to spare before starting so treated myself to breakfast out. Sharing my messy demolishing of this croissant and coffee.
Incredibly sad to leave the office in general because I had the most amazing time, but also because the mirrors are second to none for outfit selfies.
Early morning journey to the train station. From Croxley Green to Baker Street to Edgware Road to High Street Kensington where The Independent’s office is based.
Partywear as workwear because why the hell not?
On Thursday night I met a friend from school which was lovely. We had dinner and shared a bottle of wine at Mildred’s (somewhere I’ve always wanted to go). I had the mushroom and ale pie and she had a burger and it was delicious! Then we went for a pint in a pub off Carnaby street and saw the pretty Queen lights.

I have written a lot on this space about the pressures of getting a job after leaving university and how that has damaged my confidence and left me doubting myself a lot, but the opportunity to intern somewhere that I’d love to work has definitely boosted my confidence tenfold. 

I pitched my ideas, did my research and got several stories published (the one I’m most proud of you can read here), networked, attended a press conference and met some beautiful people. 

I’m lucky that I have close family near London so was able to stay with my nan in Watford and could spend time with my cousins that I rarely see. We went shopping in Westfields on Saturday and although I was meant to be Christmas shopping for others I ended up only buying myself this new INCREDIBLE rainbow jumper which I’ll be sharing fully next week, and yet another striped t-shirt (only true stripe fanatics will understand that every one is different and I have to have them all).

Since then my Christmas shopping has improved and I’ve been whittling through my list at lightening speed after a nightmare that I was sat round the Christmas tree on the 25th having forgotten to get anyone’s present. I’m one of those people that has to find the most fitting gift for everyone so I won’t settle for anything less until I get it!

Although by the end of the week the tube proved not to be my friend (I hate you, delayed trains), I sooo enjoyed the long commute as opposed to driving my car to work because it meant I could actually read, check the news and my phone every morning. It also meant spending a whole week getting a feel for working in my favourite city and I can confirm it was as fab as I expected. 

But also as expected I have been soooo reluctant to come home to Wales and now feel so ready to move. Fingers crossed for all the exciting things to come and here’s hoping my career is off to a good start. 

Hope you’ve all had a dreamy week!
Lily x 

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