Long sleeves and bare legs: a total contradiction of practicality and probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but a look that I rather enjoy (despite being bloody freezing, it’s totally worth it). 

I was given this H&M knit last Christmas (that’s Wham! stuck in my head for another few hours) and it’s a proper snuggly one for those really bitter days; if I remember rightly it’s a mohair blend but don’t quote me on it. 

Dark lippy really makes the icy blue pop, and it’s one of those colours I think compliments my blonde hair pretty well (unfortunately yellow not so much). I don’t talk about beauty all too often on here because in all honestly I’m useless with makeup but my go-to is eyeliner and a good lipstick – The Body Shop matte range is my dirty little secret (they last forever and a stick is only about £7). 

There’s something effortlessly cool about the silhouette of a huge jumper and straight skirt in my opinion – maybe it’s just because leather and bare legs is a little bit sexy, but this look just wouldn’t look right if tights were thrown in the mix.

I like the clash of textures, faux pearl barrette included (genuinely this season’s saviour to glam up any outfit, it might as well be superglued to my head at this rate) and that kind of ‘tough’ vibe the bare legs and boots create. 

If there’s one item on my wish list this Christmas it’s treating myself to a good cross-body bag. I’ve been eyeing up this Vivienne Westwood one in my bid to invest in one that will last near on forever and go with everything. This leopard print Topshop bag comes with me everywhere and while the quality is lasting so well for a high street bag that I’ve definitely overused, I think it’s time to give it a well-deserved break before it packs in completely.

JUMPER H&M (similar here) | SKIRT Vintage (similar here) | BOOTS ASOS  (similar here)| HAIR BARRETTE Accessorize | BAG Topshop (similar here)

Apologies that these clothes are all pretty old again, but again I think it’s a testament to those long-lasting wardrobe goodies and shows the power and relevance of slow styling right now. I’ve linked some similar options and an amazing alternative jumper that I’m seriously considering buying myself as another little Christmas treat… 

I’m down in London this week for a fab work experience opportunity with my favourite newspaper, which I’m extremely excited about and can’t wait to share! As if I wasn’t already in the most festive spirit possible, I’m enjoying that fuzzy feeling that comes with being in London at Christmas time. The lights, the beautifully decorated shop fronts and the city’s ability to make the dark nights seem magical. 

London has forever been my favourite place; every time I’m there I just have this overwhelming sense that I belong. Usually I’m only visiting for a day or two but after a whole week experiencing what life would be like if I lived here, commuting to work on the train and exploring a little bit more, I think it’s going to be even harder to head back to Wales.

But it’s encouraging to know that I’m heading in the right direction, and hopefully with a bit more perseverance it won’t be too long until I can call London home. 

Lily x

ph. CK

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