A little reminisce

Next week – on the 29th November to be exact – this humble little blog turns three years old. I can vividly remember writing my first ever post treating any potential readers (that’s you, Mum) to a tour of my eclectically decorated room in university halls. Looking back now I feel so much nostalgia for that time in my life, and I’m actually pretty proud of past me for having the guts to channel my thoughts into something so public and creative; if nothing else it’s such a lovely collection of memories to look back fondly on (with moments of intense cringing). 

A lot has changed since then (thank God), hopefully including improvements to my questionable posing, camera quality, and awful roots (why did no one warn me about the upkeep of being blonde on a student budget?). While there might be a few posts I probably wouldn’t recreate, featuring dodgy make-up and grungy locations, I still love them because they’re a milestone for that era of my life, representing who I was and helping me gauge how far I’ve come. 

And while certain things have changed, like learning slightly more flattering angles and selecting aesthetically pleasing backdrops rather than abandoned shopping centres, the important stuff has inevitably remained constant: my taste in fashion, my writing style, and (most importantly) those special people who have supported me unconditionally along the way. Even when the thought of trailing after me and taking ‘blog pics’ fills them with dread. 

Although I have a very intrinsic personal style it has undoubtedly developed as I’ve grown, becoming more in tune with what I like and how I like to wear it. I’ve become more adventurous with my styling choices, which is probably down to improved confidence (prancing round on the street to get a photo literally doesn’t phase me anymore) and the way I compile my outfits has altered over time as a product of things that influence and inspire me and learning what works for me. 

I’m still learning, though, and in another three years my taste in fashion will probably have evolved again – there are certain pieces and combinations that are timeless to me, but I love to experiment with clothes and change things up so who knows!

As for my post content I’ve always loved writing, hence the journalism degree (when I was a kid I used to create ‘magazines’ that featured interviews from members of my family and then print and distribute it to them all), so over time I think I’ve honed my writing style to become a natural extension of me.

I’m always honest and although I mostly talk about my personal fashion (because that’s the only subject matter I can be 100% sure on) and would never pretend to be clued up enough to contribute genuine ‘think pieces’, I’ve recently really enjoyed broaching broader topics aside from clothes and sharing my experiences of certain things as I’ve become more comfortable with my online voice. 

One of my ultimate goals in life is to write a novel (so obviously a very different style of writing to just me throwing a load of thoughts into a blog post) and I already have some ideas prepared for that eventuality, and I’ve also got some hilarious stories that would make a cracking autobiography. So writing is definitely what makes me happiest and what I want to build my career out of. 

I am super unbelievably lucky to have so many amazing people surrounding me that actually believe in the craziness of what I’m doing, and love me despite constant pleads to take photos or proof read my posts or help me decide which Insta pic should make the cut.

While my lifestyle may suggest otherwise (the power of social media only showing our best bits), I’m not earning a lot and there’s no way that I could afford a photographer – especially not back when I was a student. So I’m so thankful to the friends and family who have stepped in and acted as my personal paparazzi in all locations and weather for the last three years, asking for nothing in return.

I used to take a lot of my photos on iPhone, but last year saved up and bought a great quality camera that doesn’t take much skill to use, so I’d like to think the picture quality has improved a lot – and most of my friends could probably now include ‘professional photographer’ on their CV’s. I would love to be able to hire a photographer and relieve my mates of their duties, and hopefully that will be on the cards very soon. 

STRIPED ROLL NECK TOP H&M (old, similar here) | V NECK JUMPER Bershka (old, similar here) | CORDUROY TROUSERS H&M (sold out) | BOOTS ASOS (sold out)

Very often I have moments of self-doubt and sit back thinking ‘what’s even the point’ in regards to running a blog that I make no profit from, and that takes a big chunk of my time, energy and even my money. But, like most things, if you persevere and put your heart and soul into it, you’ll start to reap the rewards. While I never started my blog with a view to earn money or be sent free clothes, little surprises that have appeared at my lowest times have showed me it’s worth my passion and reminded me at the end of the day that it’s a hobby I love. 

Most of this ensemble is made up of old pieces and have all featured on here before, but I’ve never been one to buy for the sake of it and I feel that demonstrates how most of the clothes I invest in I know I’ll wear on rotation forever. I’m upping my layering game because this weather is too cold for even me to be baring any skin, so I’ve combined a load of my favourite classics: a good stripe, cosy corduroy, strong black boots and my tailored grey Primark coat (which I’ve owned as long as this blog).

So here’s to three more years of my little online spot (and hopefully many more) where I really feel I can be myself and do what I love doing – sharing my outfits and stories with like-minded people. 

Lily x

ph. Beth Langworthy

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