Suit Up

Until I started applying for jobs after finishing university I have never in my life had an excuse to own a suit. I have always loved the effortless professionalism of the matching combo, and admired from afar the power a suit has in carrying both a timeless fashion statement and a statement of power, which any woman can pull off.

So I was beyond excited when my wardrobe suddenly required smart, business clothing for interviews and as potential workwear, and channelled this into scouring the web for a versatile style that I could wear as a matching two-piece and take apart to make the most of the blazer and trousers separately.


I have mentioned my goals for sustainable shopping, but unfortunately sometimes our budgets and demands for certain clothing mean we have to succumb to some ‘fast fashion’ choices. Collectively this suit was about £50 from Zara and definitely on the lower end of the price scale, but the only decent quality and chic style that suited (pun definitely intentional) my budget at such short notice.

However, I’m vowing that when I do purchase from high street chains, I’ll only select pieces that I know will be flexible and easy to incorporate into my everyday wear and that are good quality. I don’t want to chuck things in my basket willy-nilly anymore; instead I’ll give serious consideration to each item before buying and where possible look into the ethical background of the brand. I sell or donate all old clothes I no longer use and when I have gotten every single shred of wear out of something I will be donating it so the material can be recycled.

So, while this suit was primarily ordered (very kindly by my Mum) for an interview (and ironically arrived late while I was at said interview), I knew it would come in handy for a multitude of outfit options. This is the first of three posts I will be dedicating to the humble suit – the Suit Trilogy, if you will – showing how I’m going to style it for different occasions and ensembles to really get the most for my money. Here I’m focusing on a smart look for office wear or formal event and wearing it as the full two-piece with my amazing ASOS boots, which so far have not disappointed.



The fit is slightly oversized: I opted for a size 12 in the blazer because built in shoulder pads were a little too prominent on the 10 (and this way I can fit a thin jumper underneath if need be), and a 10 in the trousers have come up baggy but in a good way. This works fabulously for me because it’s super comfy and also authentically compliments my fashion while looking smart.

I love Prince of Wales check – it’s a staple pattern so will always be on trend, and the grey tones are beautifully simple with subtle browns and blues in there too. Together with my ribbed black turtleneck it creates a very classic, perennial look, letting my face earrings make the colour statement. The grey of the suit means it can be paired with brighter accessories – I’m imagining how great it would look with my red heeled boots.

Most of my outfits consist of pieces that make me feel comfortable, empowered and confident, and I have to admit that power dressing is definitely even more achievable with a suit. The ease of throwing it on knowing it will pull you together, whatever state you’re in, making you ready to conquer anything the day might throw at you is pretty special. I feel sassy, strong and stylish, and any clothes that have such a positive influence on my attitude and confidence are keepers in my book.

Lily x

Ph. CK

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