Racing Stripes

I can’t express enough how much I love this time of year. I’ve probably said it a million times but crisp, cold, sunny autumn days are second to none – there’s no smugger feeling than being wrapped up in a turtleneck and boots to go swanning around in the falling ochre leaves under a clear blue sky (not so much a fan when it’s bloody freezing, raining and howling with wind).

The changing of seasons brings fresh starts and inspirations and while I’m thinking of making some changes to my online / social media habits, I’m also making room for new ideas and creativity that will steal their place and hopefully be shared on here pretty soon.

Recently I have been having doubts about beloved Instagram, realising it controls even a small proportion of my life (daily anxiety about having something to post that’s actually worthy and not just for the sake of it) has led me to question the damage it’s doing to my mental health and whether it’s become a bit of an unhealthy love / hate relationship.

I still think it’s a great hub for sharing stories and self-expression, discovering independent businesses and connecting with like-minded people, and I will continue to use and enjoy the platform, however I’ll be making some small adjustments like consciously stopping myself from mindlessly scrolling, not beating myself up for posting only when I feel like it and have an image and caption I genuinely love and want to share, and unfollowing people who impact me negatively.


I mentioned in a recent post that I am trying my best to be more sustainable and limit my footprint, so I want to focus on that here by creating posts that style up certain pieces in different ways to really get the most out of them – so expect to see pieces old and new crop up a whole lot more.

I also am planning to scrap my Lust List segment; I’ve updated it every month for about two years now and just feel it has run its course. I’ve fallen out of love with curating them and to be honest I would rather be investing in fewer, more durable items that I will treasure and wear forever and mostly for me they are vintage.

I’ll be replacing it with a series I’m really excited to brainstorm and plan, which will involve looking at several things each month that are having a positive impact and deserve to be shared. This will range from books I’ve enjoyed reading to Instagram accounts spreading the love, small brands doing great things, sustainable clothing etc. I might even work on incorporating mini interviews to delve deeper into the people behind all these wonderful aspects.



As for this outfit, I’m obsessed with the turtleneck and jeans new in from Mango (for some reason I can’t find the jeans online anymore so they are possibly sold out). The turtleneck is such good quality, soft and comfy for layering and thin and lightweight but offers so much warmth. I love the ribbed style and how the sleeves are 3/4s so allow for a retro, rolled-up vibe.

These jeans are AMAZING and without a doubt my new favourite – such a great investment in the denim department and they were only about £25 in the sale. The fit is dreamy, the material is durable and crisp and they’re also super cosy and flexible while maintaining that strong, thick feel. The funky stripes are what sold me them, I like opting for something a bit different jean-wise because I don’t want to collect too many of the same style; they give me an alternative when I want to add some colour! The power of new jeans in inspiring a new lease of wardrobe life should definitely not be underestimated – it allows me to shake up different combinations and the racing stripe on these has definitely got me feeling the sports luxe style without having to ditch denim for trousers.

Next up are the beautiful ASOS boots. I was originally intending to buy a Mango pair but they sold out in my size and these are a cheaper and pretty spot on alternative! They’re sooo easy to walk in, the heel height is just right and I like the cowboy style detail without going full on into the trend. They go with everything day or night and will be my shoedrobe saviours for a long time to come.

Combined I think these three versatile pieces can be switched up so much to get wear out of them, and as they’re all staples I have no fear of eventually casting them aside. I think mainly that’s what I’m trying to do to alter my shopping habits where the high street is concerned: only purchase what I know I’ll always love. Worn together they create a real ‘vintage basics’ look with a splash of countryside glam thrown in (emphasised by the two crazy dogs darting in and out of the photos).

Lily x

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