Autumn Inspiration

Autumn brings a change of scenery, a beautiful ochre colour palette and the anticipation of exciting things to come (dare I say the ‘C’ word yet?) although for me, it takes a bit of getting used to. Pretty suddenly things start to change – the days get duller, the nights get longer and it switches from mild to bloody freezing in a matter of minutes, meaning deciphering what to wear from day to day is near on impossible.

The realisation hits that this is it, winter is coming (sorry, couldn’t resist), and for the next few months we’ll be spending the majority of our time inside instead of prancing round at festivals and garden parties, hiding from the rain under dodgy umbrellas and braving the bitter weather on nights out, or just avoiding them altogether.

Now, I love autumn – this was confirmed the other day when I actually got excited by the cold and rain because it meant I could wear my new coat outside (it’s the little things) – but I find there is a lack of inspiration that comes with the shift of seasons. When planning content things get tricky because it gets harder to shoot outside, shorter days mean it’s difficult to fit blogging around working hours (luckily I have pretty flexible job times so I can squeeze it in throughout the week), and the dark afternoons make it easy to lose all motivation after 4pm for anything other than curling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and binge watching box sets.

So, I’ve put together a little collection of the things that are inspiring me at the moment and making the thought of adjusting much more positive, including an autumn playlist which you can listen to here. More time spent inside means time to do things that often life is too fast-paced to sit down and appreciate, like listening to records – mine have been neglected over the summer and probably accumulated a heavy layer of dust – and getting started on the growing pile of books I’ve been meaning to read for months. Autumn marks the start of the great TV drama season, too; Killing Eve already has me hooked.

On the subject of addictive series’, I’ve jumped on the Mad Men bandwagon and am utterly obsessed. It’s so eye-opening on how far we have come as women, but at the same time so f-ing cool and the fashion is incredible – the fifties have always been one of my major style influences.

Seeing all things corduroy literally makes my heart sing – I love the co-ord sets that are emerging (Urban Outfitters have a great selection) and can’t take my eyes of the yellow street style ensemble seen at Paris Fashion Week. Clueless’ Cher has apparently become everyone’s style icon this year, but when styling checks she really is a wonder to refer to for some inspo. I love the innocent look of her with this beret, coat and bare leg combo – basically what I will be trying to recreate all winter long. You can see my AW18 Pinterest board here if you want more from where this came from!

I want to share a few really inspirational Instagram accounts that have popped up on my radar recently that I feel are such amazing ideas. @Gmmrs is a funky, retro-inspired knitwear business all lovingly handmade by Gemma Rose herself, and the designs are right up my street. Think outrageously colourful 80s meets granny knits; she creates jumpers, hats and even knitted earrings – genius. @Jazmoodie has an Instagram based brand that features an illustrated drawing of you naked on a t-shirt, jumper, tote bag, cushion… you name it. SO empowering and dreamily captures the importance of appreciating our natural selves. @potyertitsawayluv is another brilliantly unique business that celebrates real and beautiful bodies as Emma models clay into personalised boob pots for customers. Ideal as a present or gift for yourself or your bestie or your partner.

I hope these little gems have got you as enthusiastic for autumn as me.
Lily x

ph. from Pinterest and Instagram screenshots. 

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