The humble houndstooth check

After moaning for about a solid week because of the sudden change in weather (so British) I’ve now come to the conclusion that I am 100% okay with the cold wind and rain… and it has a lot to do with this dreamy New Look coat. Sub zero temps could hit us now and I wouldn’t care as long as I’m wrapped up in this beauty. Usually I am massively unprepared when it comes to my autumn / winter wardrobe (probably to do with the fact that it takes me an age to accept that summer is actually over) buuut this year I’m hunting down pieces early so that I can appreciate them fully and because this coat has got me so excited for what else is out there.

In a lot of ways summer dressing is more my thing: I like floaty dresses and shorts and sandals, and I hate having to think about wearing tights again as the seasons change. Having said that, there are a few things about dressing for the colder months that I adore, like the humble coat. I invest in a new one each year because I truly believe you can never have too many, especially when winters in Britain are by far our longest and harshest season.

I feel I can justify dishing out to curate a good collection of jackets and coats because come winter they’re arguably the most important asset to any outfit (hiding a million layers underneath), and so I like to have options in mixing it up each day.


Zara and Mango have been my go-to brands for amazing outerwear for the past few years; beautiful, sturdy and reasonably priced. My wardrobe has been suffering from a tailored, houndstooth-check coat shaped hole for a while now and this statement bargain from New Look has finally filled it. Aside from a waterproof (one jacket you’d think someone who lived in Wales ought to own) I have pretty much all bases covered, so wanted to branch out and opt for check print. I love the look of it at this time of year, it’s so classic and is in a way a symbol of autumn’s arrival, especially when featuring hints of burnt orange or ochre tones.

At £40 you can’t go wrong, but I can see this being a staple for me for years to come – the material is good quality which can sometimes be a worry when spending so little. I sized up to allow for heavy layering later on and am obsessed with the oversized blazer effect and vintage touch it adds to an outfit – even more so when teamed with a beret.


COAT New Look | TURTLENECK Peacocks (similar here) | SKIRT Vintage | TRAINERS AdidasBERET Kopka Accessories

As well as a mask of sophistication, I think there’s something really youthful and fun about houndstooth check. It has an authoritative power to it, but also strong ties to the swinging sixties and young innocence – the thought of dancing round in a check mini dress reminds me of Twiggy and all the glamour that came with that era. Aaaand a little part of me will always feel like Del Boy wearing it (definitely a combination of the hat and jacket).

So bring on the good old British winter – I’ll struggle through if it means I get to wear this coat more often!

Lily x

ph. Megan Dolphin

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