It’s a jungle out there

The worst part about the life chapter that is university coming to a close? Leaving all those amazing friends to pursue your path, while watching them go out and do the same somewhere completely different. The best? Having good friends in cities / places all across the UK that you can visit (and potentially the world someday).

I’ll admit, the thought of driving to Newcastle for a flatwarming was definitely daunting – it’s the furthest north I have ever personally driven – but pushing to get outside my comfort zone is something I always try to do (and it was either drive or get the train). It’s lucky I enjoy roadtrips, and don’t mind them alone; I’d like to think I’m the kind of girl that up and hits the road when something fun comes up. As long as you have a funky playlist to badly sing along to and plenty of snacks, it can actually be a welcome distraction from other things going on in life. My trusty little Ford Fiesta (officially ‘Arabella’) has always got me from A to B – and last weekend to Newcastle and back.




I have been so lucky to have a summer full of roadtrips, city breaks and fun events, and this was one of the last stops on my map. Newcastle is somewhere I have never stepped foot before and although I didn’t see all that much (did I mention it was a flatwarming party?) it’s a place I won’t be waiting long to return to and explore properly. While I have had an incredible few months there is only so much putting off the inevitable that can be done, and now I have a guilty gut feeling that it’s time to knuckle down and start focusing on my next move.

For me, motivation is a fickle friend that comes and goes in waves, and once it’s gone it can be difficult to get back. Having a weekend away or driving by myself for a few hours forces me to be with my own thoughts for a while, helping put things back into perspective and reminding me of my ultimate goal. I’m not the kind of person to create a five-year-plan – it’s just not me. For some people it’s important and that’s great, but I like to take random opportunities that come my way and try new things, so it wouldn’t work me following a bit of paper and letting something cool go because it isn’t on my list. Saying that though, I do have a rough idea of where I want to be and I can’t see that changing anytime soon.

After returning from a week jammed with a LOT of driving, time spent with friends and family and wandering around my favourite place in the world (London) I genuinely feel like I have hit the reset button and have a clear head that will motivate me now I’m home.


SHIRT Vintage from Oxfam (similar here) | SKIRT ASOS | MULES ASOS (different style here)

I am sooo in love with this groovy animal print shirt. I found it in the Oxfam stall at Bestival and still marvel at the rich green colour, the silky smooth material and puffy 80s sleeves. If you look very closely you can see the little spots of glitter that make it even more fabulous. With my chunky gold hoops I think it’s so retro Pat Butcher inspired (which should never be a bad thing, that woman had a wonderful array of earrings and ugly blouses) but remodelled into a modern, luxe style.

It looks good teamed with jeans, too, but the white of this skirt sets the colour off so well and I’m really into only doing up one or two buttons at the moment to switch a classic blouse up and to show off some midriff for an easy autumn transition. I can’t accept that it’s time to put my legs away (I despise tights) so instead I’ll opt for sleeves and soon boots. I wear it with the collar buttons undone, to show off jewellery and make it less restrictive, and prevent flashbacks to stiff school shirts.

Here’s to making the most of motivational spells and doing our own thing – it really is a jungle out there.
Lily x

ph. Amelia Marson

2 thoughts on “It’s a jungle out there

  1. Going to Uni in Newcastle is going to be so exciting! I know moving is scary, I moved from Bournemouth, England, to California! Moving is such a scary thing and you have no idea how it’s going to be once you’re actually there, but you’re going to experience so many new things and create unforgettable memories. And you learn so much more about the world when you move, it opens you up to how other people are living their daily lives because it’s not what you’re used to. It’ll be an amazing learning experience!


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