Oh corduroy, how I love you. In all your wonderful colours, shapes and styles you never cease to make me happy and forever comfortable. Wide legged trousers are another one of my big loves, so in corduroy material it’s a dream come true.

Cream trousers are actually a death trap for someone as clumsy as me, but it’s worth taking the risk for these H&M beauties I snapped up for £19 in the sale (only limited sizes left but I’ve linked a similar pair). I saw them full price back at the start of summer when I wasn’t really prepared to think about thick trousers, but now they’re the ideal piece for this awkward transitional period between the lingering days of heat and autumn’s arrival.

I rediscovered this vintage nude top and immediately imagined it tucked into these for a full on neutral palette. The leopard print heels and black belt compliment the cream and keep it from being too overpowering, and a pop of dark lippy is a welcome contrast. I don’t think I could ever sport top-to-toe nude, so I feel having a splash of other colours and a print in there somewhere works more for me.


The high waist and super long length (without heels there’s serious danger of hem trailing on the ground) give the impression of legs that go on forever and even make mine look longer than normal, which is a look I love. Add a belt to cinch in the waist and it’s a fool-proof, flattering staple that can be switched up with different tops and shoes. For the depths of winter these will be amazing under oversized jumpers, blazers and coat layers and with some sleek black heeled boots. Classic tailoring is something that constantly appeals to me, and is what makes this pair seem a lot more expensive than they actually were.

I’m always keen to welcome more leopard print into my wardrobe, especially when it’s as cute and comfy as this pair of New Look heeled sandals. The pain of high high stiletto heels for me just isn’t worth it, although I’ll admit there are some beautiful styles out there, so I tend to go for a little block or wedge like this for evenings / nights out.

This bunch of photos were taken on the weekend at the Hilton Spa hotel in Bracknell where I stayed with some family as a belated birthday present. It was lovely to get away from Brecon for a couple of days and there’s nothing quite like the freedom to lounge by the pool with a good book, have a swim and relax around the hotel with no other plans to rush for. We had dinner and breakfast included at the restaurant, which was another luxury because it meant we didn’t even have to worry about leaving for a reservation! To top it off we all got a little treatment too, so a massage was very well received (especially in the morning after a few too many glasses of prosecco).


TOP Vintage | TROUSERS H&M (similar here) | HEELS New Look |BELT Primark

As I’m getting older I’m loving spending time with family and friends and making the most of every opportunity to see them. It seems with each passing year it gets harder to arrange a time when everyone is free, so activities like this are few and far between. We all have adult responsibilities and other obligations, so it makes me appreciate the laughs and importance of these special bonds even more. As you can see from the copious amounts of wine cooling in the sink, we drank a lot and had a whale of a time, and isn’t that what celebrations are all about?

I rarely shoot inside (mostly lack of good spaces nearby and because I prefer outdoor lighting) but it was convenient for this outfit as we were already staying over and the thought of hotel decor excited me with retro Twin Peaks / The Shining aesthetic that reflects my usual vintage style. It just so happened my outfit matched the hallway ridiculously well (100% unintentional I swear) and fitted the autumnal scheme I was going for.

I’ll stop milking my birthday soon, I promise…

Lily x

ph. Megan Clarke

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