Twenty One

It’s been almost a month since I turned twenty one, and this is the only year I have genuinely felt older. A combination of things are making me feel that way, and in contrast to most years I woke up and felt like I actually had aged a year overnight. The step up from twenty was something I really wasn’t expecting, and there seems to be a looming responsibility that comes with this age that’s telling me I need to mature and actually start adulting (I’ll keep you updated on how that goes)…

This year has been a significant one for me; a lot of defining moments and tough life choices have shaped the path I’m on now, and I’ve learnt a lot from the experiences I’ve been through. I’ve travelled to some amazing places and somehow these journeys felt like more than just flying to a different country or spending a weekend away – they have given me opportunities to really think about where I want to go and what I want to do.


I chose to focus on my future career and travels rather than peruse a long-term relationship, and dealt with the resulting heartache. I graduated university and left the friendships that have bloomed over the last three years to move back home to the little town in Wales with my parents where I spent my teenage years, and am learning to adjust to the change of independence that brings. I have partied too hard, worked a hell of a lot harder and rode out the ups and downs of summer.

But, at the risk of sounding incredibly cheesy, this collection of little decisions, mistakes and opportunities have made me a stronger person and determined to do whatever it may be that makes me happy at a particular point in time.



Twenty one is going to be my selfish year – I’m single, finished with education and determined to make my little mark on the world and see as much of it as I can. I want to make it a year of self-love, more reading, more travelling, more laughter, spontaneous trips to pretty places, hard work and happiness.

Being home is strange and it kind of feels like I’m back where I started, but it’s good to know a lot of people are in the same position and we’re all just trying to figure out what’s best for us. One thing I’m attempting to do less is compare myself to others. A lot of friends have secured incredible jobs or are in beautiful relationships – and that’s great and I’m over the moon for them. But rather than put myself down because I’m moving at a slower pace, or envy them for their lifestyle, I’m going to focus on my own choices and the positive things that are going on for me.

I love that quote about being in our own time zones and I think it’s so important to remember that everyone is different and we all tackle individual obstacles and challenges. The other day one of my best friends and I hit the road out of the blue, something we used to do a lot before university, and ended up exploring the beautiful Langland Bay in Swansea. Being a little wild and spontaneous is so good for the soul, especially when you can smell the salty air and get the sea breeze in your hair.


DRESS Fred PerryBOOTS Dr Martens | COAT Vintage M&S | EARRINGS BelmtoNECKLACE Alighieri Jewellery

I have always loved Fred Perry and saved up to buy myself this ringer-tee style dress as a birthday treat. The quality is so durable I know it will be one of those pieces I’ll never get tired of wearing, it’s such a classic look and I love the logo detailing of the sleeves and the v-neck.

I’m so into gold jewellery at the moment so recently bought myself this dreamy necklace from Alighieri, which is the most stunning brand. Their pieces based on Greek mythology are so imperfectly lovely and unique. This Leo necklace is the kind of thing I have always wanted – anything to do with astrology and star signs draws me in and I think it’s so nice to wear a little piece of my personality.

The earrings are from Belmto and while I adore them, I have to say I was so unimpressed with the service. They were about £30, took forever to arrive and then finally when they did I got charged a further £12 to pick them up from the post office! The lady I emailed was very unhelpful and took a long time to respond, so just something to bare in mind if you’re shopping here.

This look is definitely very ‘me’, and I think the beach was the perfect location for such a retro outfit. I hope September brings you all the joy in the world.
Lily x

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