The joys of browsing charity shops, while often an unrewarding and disappointing chore when you don’t manage to find anything good, is that you often find a classic, vintage one-off that will tie together your wardrobe for years to come. That’s how I felt when I came across this beautiful khaki midi skirt with lovely brown buttons and retro pleats.

I’ve experienced many days of trawling all my favourite spots and leaving empty handed, and at that point it’s off-putting as hell to think about returning and doing it all again. But the excitement of flicking through each rack and seeing something amazing lurking between all the ordinary keeps me heading back, and discovering a skirt as fab as this makes the persistence worth it.

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My personal style is a mixture of retro pieces I’ve fallen in love with and high street clothes to satisfy the mixture of vintage and modern that I adore so much, so I’m pretty reliant on good old charity shops to source such items. Saying this, I have a very instinctive and quirky taste, and often I don’t even know what I’m looking for until I stumble across it.

Sometimes I dress extremely feminine, like here where my ensemble makes me feel like a forties movie star, but a lot of the time I have the urge to structure my outfits with more masculine staples like a blazer and jeans. It generally depends on how I’m feeling that day, and I love the freedom of waking up and throwing on what makes me happy – although that normally involves reaching for at least one vintage piece.

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This skirt has a very military vibe to it – like something a schoolteacher or housewife would have worn during the war, and styled with this blouse and accessories it takes on a glam tone or riviera chic element. Either way, with this incredible setting of glowing corn fields and a smearing of red lipstick I most definitely imagine myself on the set of a classic film, hiding behind my catseye sunglasses.

At first I was unsure about the button overload, but because the blouse’s are slanted it frames the skirt’s vertical ones pretty well. The rich khaki offers a subtle summer colouring and the material is thick enough that I’ll probably wear it through the colder months too. By tucking the shirt in you get such a cool, puffy silhouette, and the wrap neckline shows off my abundance of freckles (the only sign I’ve been spending time in the sun thanks to my extreme lack of tan).

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SKIRT Vintage (similar here) | BLOUSE TopshopESPADRILLES Just Fab (similar here) | BAG Shein (similar here)| SUNGLASSES Zara (similar here).

I recently ordered this basket tote from Shein after a lot of searching and it’s more practical than it seems (despite my key chain hanging out the bottom). The simple style hides an intricate flower print and it’s big enough to fit everyday things in, unlike some of the small round ones I’ve had my eye on. I can’t find the same style on there anymore but I’ve linked a similar version, and their collection is worth a look anyway as they have some of the best straw bags I’ve seen!

This skirt has linked some of my favourite pieces together in a combination I otherwise may not have tried and the colours look dreamy together, especially against the green background. I found it in Red Cross for about £4 on a particularly lucky haul, having also snapped up the oversized shirt I wrote about here and a groovy vintage tee that I’ll be featuring soon. Once in a while I’ll string together an outfit that I fall head over heels for, and this is totally one of those – an accurate representation of my summer style and something I can be 100% myself in. And to me that’s what fashion is primarily about.

Lily x

ph. Morgan Williams

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