Amsterdam on film

Sorry for the Amsterspam (been saving that one up) but I got some groovy pics developed and want to share them on here. Film photography is something I’ve always wanted to experiment with but never been brave enough – I’d love to buy a 35mm camera but have no clue where I’d even begin to look.

I’m a firm believer that printed photos you can have and hold and store away in albums always look cooler than a staged iPhone snap you’ve selected from a load of similar ones, so with this in mind I took a cheap disposable camera with me to Amsterdam.

There’s something about that one-off, precious shot that you savour taking because you only have a certain amount of expensive film that really captures the moment you’re in. You get that anticipation to get the photos developed which isn’t associated with digital cameras; there’s that excitement for the prints to be handed to you with no idea what they’ll have turned out like.

532020-062918 - Copy461820-062918 - Copy493020-062918 - Copy461820-062918461120-062918461120-062918 - Copy441320-062918391720-062918391720-062918 - Copy363120-062918333520-062918271920-062918224420-062918112220-062918131620-062918224420-062918 - Copy493020-062918131620-062918 - Copy

Josh, Gwyn, Dylan, Ffion, Me.

I don’t often post anything other than posed photographs of myself and my personal style, so it’s refreshing to share some authentic ones that haven’t been taken specifically to go on the blog and that feature other people, too. This group of guys (the ‘Amsterfam’ if you will) made the whole time so special and amazing that if I didn’t include the natural photos of them too I’d be missing out a huge part of our trip.

I love the instant 90s childhood aura that comes with freshly developed photographs, something about them just reminds me of being let loose with a disposable camera on holiday as a kid!

I hope you liked this slightly different kind of post, if I can figure out how to use a 35mm they might become a more regular feature! I’m also thinking of taking all of my festival photos on film this year so I don’t have to risk taking my digital one to Bestival.

Lily x

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