The Timeless Blouse

Certain items of clothing are timeless, and classic enough to remain a staple of any wardrobe ready to be styled with modern pieces each season. An amazing pair of high waisted blue jeans, a vintage denim jacket, some Dr Martens boots and a white shirt are among those key items in my opinion – once you’ve found and invested they should last years and be relied upon for any situation.

My Topshop Mom jeans have seen me through almost everything over the last four years and they’re showing no signs of wear (even if they were it would only add to the rustic style), I never get bored of wearing my vintage Levi’s denim jacket which can just be thrown in the wash if dirty and only gets better with age, and my best pair of Docs were picked up for £3 from a charity shop and can withstand pretty much any weather condition while still looking cool.

For a while I’ve been searching for that classic white shirt to add to my collection; one with subtle but beautiful detail, an oversized fit and the versatility to chop and change through different seasons. After trawling through an abundance of vintage and charity shops I’ve finally filled the position.




I picked this dreamy vintage shirt up for £4 in Age UK just before I left Nottingham and I’ve already been planning so many outfits to accessorise it with. It’s a size 16 so comes up a bit baggy on me which is the fit I wanted to go for – it also means I can tie up the front like this for a more summer-based crop top look.

The attention to detail is incredible – the neutral, pearly buttons are lovely and the delicate embroidery on the collar, front and cuffs adds some interest. The billowing sleeves add to the floaty, feminine attraction I’m obsessed with and contrast with the shirt’s tougher, cowboy-like back.




It can be worn in so many ways, showing how resourceful the right white shirt can be. Here I love the silhouette it creates with my denim a-line skirt (another piece that I’ve had for years that hasn’t let me down once) but on holiday it’d make a great beach cover-up and it can easily be styled differently to go from beach to evening out.

I’m liking the thought of it buttons open and breezy with a ribbed tank top underneath to layer some neutral colours, a splash of gold layered necklaces and some high waisted jeans. The silky material is soft and flattering, and creates a really authentic antique feel that resonates with my personal vintage taste.






BLOUSE Vintage | SKIRT Topshop (old, similar here) | TRAINERS Converse

My Converse deserve a mention too, for constantly taking a battering from nights out, long walks and festivals, yet always coming out of the wash squeaky clean and practically brand new. They are littered with holes but somehow that adds to their effortless cool appeal and they remain the comfiest trainers ever. Another example of a timeless piece.

I’m currently in Amsterdam for the first time (the blouse has of course joined me) and I’m so excited to be exploring a new city and getting away from it all for a few days. I’m looking forward to sharing a lookbook with you and lots of photos so expect that when I’m back!

Lily x

ph. Anna Herring

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