Full Circle

The dreamy bank holiday has left me feeling like I’ve actually been on my holidays. When taking these photos it was as if we were genuinely exploring a city abroad and for a moment I forgot I was still in Nottingham and that I still have uni work to do…

I’ve managed to even catch a little tan thanks to endless hours spent in the beer garden to celebrate finally handing in my dissertation (and then having a picnic in the park to shake off the hangover) and watching varsity rugby bathing in the sun. But now it’s back to reality for the final countdown until my last ever hand in next week.

Knowing I have days left until I’m basically off the hook from education forever is a very daunting and overwhelming feeling, and I’m constantly battling between the excitement of freedom and the fear that my uni experience will all be over (all of this between meltdown-mode essay writing).








I’m currently researching the truth of war reporting, and as part of that a book I read before I even wrote my personal statement has come in handy. It’s made me reflect on how far I’ve come since applying for university and what I’ve achieved since leaving school. It’s so funny how little things in life sometimes come full circle and that moments we forget about end up shaping our futures.

I’ve always been interested in writing (this may come as a shock, I know) and so it kind of came naturally that journalism was the thing I wanted to do. Around the time I started choosing universities, the war correspondent Martin Bell came to Brecon to give a speech and I was asked to go along with two other students and do a write up about it for the local newspaper (so being me I frantically ordered his book online before meeting him).

It was a surreal experience and I felt humbled to listen to such an important journalist, especially as it was something I was genuinely interested in. I finished the book ‘In Harm’s Way’ before moving to Nottingham to start my course, although at the time I don’t think I fully understood everything in it.

That same signed book has been sitting on my shelf ever since, and now as part of my course (and my last piece of work for university) I’ve had the need to pick it up again, this time for a different reason and with a completely different perspective. Without getting too deep, it’s reiterated for me why I wanted to be a journalist in the first place and maybe even reassured me that I’m heading to wherever I’m meant to be (although I don’t think that’s towards a career in war reporting). Turns out I have a lot to thank Martin Bell for!





BLOUSE TopshopSHORTS Topshop (old, similar here) | SANDALS Urban Outfitters (old, similar here)| BAG Zara | SCARF Vintage

I also have a lot to thank this weekend’s sun for because it’s meant I could wear this summery outfit. I picked up a couple of scarves from charity shops when I was last in Brecon and am in love with this spotty one. The colours are really retro and when it’s so hot you can’t refrain from tying your hair back (something I rarely enjoy doing) it adds a bit of pizzazz to the old ponytail.

This cream blouse is from Topshop and I’m debating getting it in every other wonderful colourway. The cut and the tortoiseshell buttons give it a real vintage feel even though it’s high street, especially teamed with my classic Topshop shorts which have lasted me years (on a colder day I’d pair it with my Mom jeans in the same faded blue).

I dug out these Urban Outfitters sandals I bagged in the sale at the end of last summer and remembered how much I like the cute satin bows. They’re sold out now but I’ve linked some similar ones above.

I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday.


ph. Chloe Jacks

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