Sun spots

Sometimes I feel like I come across as a stereotypical Brit on this blog because all I ever seem to talk about is the weather. But I am soooo beyond chuffed that the sun had it’s hat on this week, it’s definitely put me in such a good mood considering all the work I’ve got on my plate at the moment.

There’s loads of summery pieces I’ve been dying to wear and these past few days of miraculous sunshine and heat have finally allowed me to get them out! My new Birkenstocks arrived at the most appropriate time (although not pictured here, I’m sure there’ll be no shortage of them appearing in future posts) and I’ve indulged myself with yet more polka-dot purchases since being back in Nottingham.

Although the sun is a major distraction (I can only work for a few hours a day when it’s this warm before giving up and meeting friends in the beloved beer garden – again, typical Brit), it motivates me to get sh*t done so I can treat myself at the end of the day. After all, it’d be rude not to when our weather is so unreliable.











DRESS Red Herring at Debenhams (similar here) | MULES ASOS (similar here)| SUNGLASSES ZaraBAG Zara

This dress is one of said new polka-dot purchases, and was only £17 in the Debenhams sale – I rarely shop in there unless with my mum and always seem to find something surprisingly dreamy when I do. I wasn’t 100% at first but she persuaded me and for such a steal it would have been a huuuge mistake to let it go.

It gives off chic Rouje / Realisation Par vibes, which are brands I adore but that are way out of my budget right now as a student. It’s always so satisfying to find a gem that reminds you of a more up-market item for a fraction of the price, especially when you’re not particularly on the look out.

I love the clashing spot patterns, it’s a distinctive print that makes the style a little more eye-catching. I’m starting to rack up quite a collection of wrap dresses and tops without actually even realising it but clearly it’s an element I subconsciously know looks good and is super flattering on pretty much anyone.

The length is ideal for warmer days that require a bit of leg, and while the sleeves are long they’re airy with a great puffy aspect to them that’s accentuated by a nip in at the wrist. I tried and tested it in our blessing of hot weather and, although black, the material is thin and comfortable under the sun. I’m imagining it working really well for balmy summer nights abroad, either out for a meal or a few cocktails (the heat has definitely gotten to my head and put me in full summer-dreaming mode).

I’m on the hunt for a new basket bag – loving the retro round styles but I’m waiting to find the right one, so until then last summer’s overused Zara bag will suffice! Unfortunately the sale dress has been snapped up and isn’t available online, but Red Herring have some similar styles going on and I’ve linked to an equally beautiful design above.

As sad as it sounds, while I’m grateful for this mini heatwave, I’m even more grateful that our trusty British April climate should be returning next week as I have a hella lot of work to get done and I’m a serious sucker for the fomo thinking about everyone sat having fun in the park while I edit my documentary dissertation.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the sun, though, and lets hope this is just a taster for summer!
Lily x

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