The thing with pink

If you couldn’t already tell, I have developed a slight obsession with the colour pink. I’m not quite sure where it stemmed from, but it has taken over my bedroom: pink duvet, candles, throw, cushions… and now it’s gradually working its way into my wardrobe.

I was a super girly girl growing up, and pink was my favourite colour (albeit more of a hot pink), although as a teen I kind of grew out of it. Now, I think a pale pink suits almost anyone and adds some fun and flavour to an outfit. I don’t think I could rock a full look (or know if I’d even want to) but a pink accessory or the odd garment are great for this awkward time of year when it’s dull and grey out and I want an escape from a plainer palette.














I especially love taking the colour and reclaiming it in a less conventionally feminine context, like with this oversized knit from H&M. I fell in love when I found it for £10 in their recent sale, even more so because it was the only one left in store and it’s XXL (I can’t find the same style online but the one I’ve linked is pretty similar and also in the sale). I’m a biiig fan of a baggy fit for basically any type of clothing, and this ticks all the boxes for me. The jumper looks great teamed with jeans or under a pinafore and is even amazing to wear on its own to lounge around the house in. With a sea of deadlines looming I need all of the comfort I can get.

This outfit is slightly Pretty Woman inspired, and worn with any other kind of top may be too provocative, but styled with the chunky knit it’s more casual. It offers a different dimension to my vintage leather skirt, which I’d usually dress up, and gives a retro feel. I love the look of these dreamy over-the-knee boots that add to that sixties vibe, although what you can’t see in these photos is me pulling them back up every few steps, so in hindsight probably not the most practical investment!

These photos were taken in one of my favourite city spots near Nottingham castle, surrounded by amazing town houses and cute streets. We got lost on the way to the pub on the way back (the sun teased us in the morning by making it look like it could be the first beer garden day of the year – it certainly wasn’t) and found some amazing buildings and potential locations for a future shoot. I’ve lived in Nottingham for almost three years and now to me it feels like such a small city that I know like the back of my hand, but there’s always more to discover and sometimes it’s exciting to let yourself get lost in your own town and see what hidden gems you find.

With the end of university in sight I want to experience all the things I haven’t yet in Nottingham and try the places I’ve been meaning to go since arriving! But for now I’ll return myself to the pile of books I need to read and essays I have to write before I can graduate…

Lily x

ph. Chloe Jacks. 

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