Lust List: March

I think I’m speaking on behalf of the whole UK when I say spring has never been more needed. If you’re anything like me, you’ll agree that snow is only exciting over the festive season or if you’re still in school and actually benefit from a snow day! Other than that it’s just pretty annoying, bitterly cold and disruptive to any kind of productivity (I realise I sound super boring and harsh, but it really isn’t my idea of fun). It’s pretty to observe when you’re curled up by a window swamped in jumpers reading a good book, but not so fun when you have things to do and places to go. Plus, in true Brit style, we can’t seem to cope with sub-zero temperatures despite being such a developed country, and so boiler problems take priority over uni work and we risk ending up head over heels on the non-gritted pavement during an expedition into town to stock up on essentials (wine).

So I for one am glad to see the back of the Beast from the East and looking forward to a healthy dose of sun to lure me out of hibernation and replenish my loss of vitamin D. I’m anticipating the days I can ditch my heavy coat and bare my arms for a change, and finally dress how I would like to in March! These are the items I have in mind for the month ahead.

1 – The Basket Bag. I’ve featured so many incredible basket bags on here recently, but I keep seeing new styles and falling in love with them all over again! Zara are killing it so much right now I was genuinely temped to turn this into a purely one brand based lust list, however I resisted as there are lots of other pieces catching my eye. Everything about this straw holdall excites me: the round handles, woven pattern and boxy design with heaps of room inside for essentials wherever I’m going – even the price tag, a steal at £30.

2 – The Jumpsuit. I already own a polka dot jumpsuit, but there’s just some things we can’t get enough of (plus they’re totally different…). This Mango beauty embodies my spring dreams and could even work for summer evenings too. The retro design is a classic example of vintage styles on the high street and I love that the legs are long and wide while the arms are more cropped. I think the unusual addition of collar and buttons works really well and gives it a twist as a more formal, shirty kind of jumpsuit. As for the mocha and white colour pairing… I’m rethinking my whole wardrobe.

3 – The Spring Blouse. As I mentioned, Zara have some fabulous pieces in right now so it would be rude not to feature another one… Blouses have become a staple for me if I want to smarten up some trousers, but I tend to buy obscure or heavily patterned ones, so it’s high time I invested in a plainly coloured (but certainly not plainly styled) one. The thought of this white linen top with some straight leg trousers and my new cats-eye sunglasses (if you haven’t seen them already take a look at the Instagram spam) fills me with joy, although sadly white is a death trap for me and my messy eating / general clumsiness. It’s got a loooot going on, but because the colour is subtle it’s not overpowering. I admire that the crisp pleats and lightweight fit emit schoolgirl vibes and how this is evened out with the funky tortoiseshell buttons, puffy sleeves with beautiful cuff ties and the shyly sexy v-neck.

4 – The Straight Leg Jeans. I’ve been eyeing up these H&M jeans for so long and am unsure why I haven’t taken the plunge and ordered them because they’re only £25 – bargain. They’re also from the Conscious collection which features clothes made from recycled materials. This resonates with my personal ethos to try and shop a little more environmentally friendly, which can be hard to do on a small budget. As you may know I’m hugely into vintage and charity shopping and so obviously partake in my share of recycling clothes, but this is an example of how the high street are helping bridge the sustainability problem. I try to hoard as many different types of denim as I can because they’re all cool in creating certain styles and mixing up key items in new ways, and next on the list is straight-legged black jeans. I’m not the biggest fan of black skinnies and these are a great alternative that suit my personal taste.

5 – New Plants. Unfortunately I’m a serial plant killer and can’t seem to keep them alive for the life of me! I like my bedroom to resemble somewhat of a rainforest because I think greenery makes any interior look immediately better, so this means swiftly replacing any that don’t make it. Only one of my beloved collection has survived the whole uni experience of changing polarised climates (in halls my room often felt like the depths of hell, while last year’s house could be more likened to Antarctica), and that’s my tree-like waxy plant (not great with technical names) which does look a little worse for wear itself. My go-to plant retailers are Ikea and Homebase – tip: if you find one that’s a tad brown or unhealthy from Homebase they’ll charge you practically nothing for it. Hay-on-Wye near where I live in Wales has a great range of independent stores and some of them stock lovely plants, so if I have time I pick some up from there.

6 – Fred Perry x Bella Freud. This collaboration has got me so incredibly hyped. Fred Perry is one of those brands that is perennially cool in my eyes; their clothes embody contemporary styles but also have that dated vintage aspect that represents previous eras. So combined with the fun, colourful, slogan-clad aesthetics of Bella Freud’s products they have produced jumpers, polos and t-shirts that offer a quirky, retro spin on classics. The ‘DJ Fred’ jumpers are ideal for this transitional time of year when an extra thin layer is still a necessity and the red and black striped tee embellished with stars is a real fave for when it gets warmer.

7 – The Gold Necklace. Thick, chunky jewellery never used to be my cup of tea, but photos of intricately decorated, gold pendants have changed my mind for the better. I’ve been inspired by images of them teamed with stripy swimsuits and with white blouses and think they really add a touch of romantic glamour. Pamela Card is one of the brands I’ve seen on Instagram that create truly gorgeous accessories fit for wear the year round but especially adding some sparkle while the days are still dull. They look dreamy layered or alone and I love the simple beauty of the Constantinople design.

8 – Vinyl of the month. It’s dawned on me before that while Arctic Monkeys remain my favourite band, I’ve never featured an album of theirs on my lust list. And that’s not because I have them all already – I don’t, but more because I couldn’t choose which one and partly because I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of their impending album and hoping I would choose that one depending on how good it is. I don’t yet own Humbug on vinyl, which is strange because it’s one of my favourite albums of all time. I listen to Arctic Monkeys a lot, but Humbug even more lately as it’s a great one to ponder and process, leaving me thinking but also relating to how I feel at the moment. It’s contains a couple of my favourite songs, ‘Crying Lightning’ and ‘Cornerstone’ and for me it’s a soundtrack for heartbreak but in a way that’s less ‘sit and cry over this’ and rather an excuse to decipher the strange, poetic lyrics and interpret them into my personal situation. That’s what Arctic Monkeys do best – darkness and confusion through beautiful and heart wrenching lyrics that make you question what they’re really on about, even though the general gist is there.

I hope you have a wonderful month,
Lily x

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