I’m lucky that when everything gets a little too much in life, I can escape back to the rural peace that comes with the Welsh countryside. While these past few weeks have been pretty tough, it always makes me especially grateful to have the amazing friends and family around me that I do – and for living in such a beautiful environment around plenty of fresh air and footpaths for thinking things through and clearing my head.

I think often it can be easy to forget who we are and what we want in life, so it’s useful to take a step back and remind ourselves every once in a while. I’m a sucker for saying ‘yes’ to everything and getting lost in plans and to-do lists – I’ve been told I’m ‘too nice’ in the way that I try too hard to please everyone else instead of putting myself first. So heading back to my house in Brecon serves as a sort of therapy to overcome the pressures of uni work and impending deadlines and other challenges I’m facing at the moment.

Sometimes all we need is a cuddle from our mum, a strong cup of coffee and a good chat (over an alcoholic drink) with our oldest friends to set us back on track. The little things definitely do go a long way, and allowing ourselves indulgences and pick-me-ups when we need them helps put us in a positive and determined state of mind and refresh goals for the future.












SHIRT Vintage | POLO NECK Peacocks | JEANS BDG @ Urban Outfitters | TRAINERS Vans

This is my all-time favourite vintage shirt and I wear it to death. I picked it up from a kilo sale in first year and love basically everything about it: the baggy fit (that can be worn in so many ways), the retro buttons, the floaty vibes the sleeves have going on and the dreamy cord material. It has become an essential for festivals and parties as it’s so easily tied round the waist and still looks cool and it’s one of those great in-between layering pieces because it’s not quite a jacket but too heavy for a top – although I’m playing around with the idea of tying it up like this in summer without another layer underneath.

I really love the look of the shirt over my polo neck, and the fact that it’s black-on-black just seems to air something sophisticated and cool but very 80s in a way. I’m always rearranging and throwing together my clothes to find fun new combinations and it makes me so happy when one of my wardrobe staples, like this shirt, can be worn in a new way to give my style a reboot. In hindsight I would have thrown a denim jacket over this outfit though as it was bloody freezing!

I still can’t get over these BDG denim culottes either, although I really need to get on the ironing hype because it turns out I can’t deal with creases anymore. The wide leg, frayed detailing teamed with Old Skool Vans inspires a very funky vintage feel – reminding me of awkward teenage boys in 80s American films like The Breakfast Club.

As well as treating myself to some much needed ‘me’ time back home, I also finally got my fringe trimmed so I can see properly again and started brainstorming some summer plans! So for now it’s back to the hard work, but with a clearer head after a self-confidence boost from those close to me, remembering why I’m doing my degree and what I want to do afterwards.

When life throws a spanner in the works it’s sometimes for the best just to keep busy, but there’s usually always something to look forward to.

Lily x


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