Lust List: February

‘Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.’ I have to agree with Miranda Priestly and her blunt sarcasm there (The Devil Wears Prada is a favourite film of mine). I wouldn’t really call myself a floral lover apart from the odd exception – although I could quite happily purchase all of & Other Stories’ long, floaty tea dresses.

For me, spring is about more than the cliched notion of sticking flowers on everything to represent the season. Instead it’s about the excitement that we might actually be able to bare a bit of leg, wear footwear that isn’t purely boots and transition from the dark, mysterious colours of winter into a brighter palette. These are the items I’d be investing in to kick off my wardrobe in preparation for the coming months and into summer.

1- The Striped Dress. Another variation of a classic striped dress that I love. This pinafore version is from Topshop and dreamily captures my idea of Spring – a fresh, crisp style, bare arms and the cute addition of delicate buttons and a waist tie.

2 – The Birkenstocks. A necessity for my spring / summer wardrobe. For years I have relied on a pair of these to carry any outfit I’m wearing, take me from the beach to the city to pretty much anywhere and always stay comfy. My black Arizona ones unfortunately weren’t safe from my ridiculous amount of over-wearing and so this time round I’m considering going with khaki. The green colour has definitely become a firm favourite in my wardrobe and I want to expand on that – khaki goes with everything and spices things up a bit (I have SO many pairs of black shoes).

3 – The Not-So-Casual Top. I have a million stripey t-shirts and I think now is the time to stock up on some that won’t pattern clash with my bold trousers and skirts. I love the fact that on first impressions this Mango t-shirt looks super simple, but with a closer inspection there’s some funky button detailing on the sleeves. It’d look great as a classic, reliable top under a pinafore or dungarees or teamed with trousers – and especially dreamy with a good pair of jeans topped off with a beret.

4 – The Catseye Glasses. I’m intrigued with the amazingly mysterious catseye sunglasses I see cropping up on my favourite Instagram accounts. Ideal for me at this point in the year when my skin is especially pale and drained and I need to hide those late night uni work / hangover bags that are permanently under my eyes. These retro design ones from Le Specs are right up my street and they’d see me into summer too.

5 – The Cords. I’m forgetting conventional brown, skinny cords and instead am dreaming of baggy, flared, oversized wonders like H&M have produced here. The pinky cream colour is fab for moving into a spring palette and ditching the traditional autumnal brown I usually associate with corduroy. I feel like these would be incredible with a skinny tee tucked in and those sunglasses keeping it classy.

6 – The Statement Earrings. Earrings are still my go-to jewellery piece for now, although recently I’m in the habit of playing it safe with my hoops. This intricate design from & Other Stories could get me out of that rut – the emerald colouring is beautiful and would update my collection for spring.

7 – The Bag. Totally unpractical but I am head over heels for this Mango jute bag. Knowing me I’d probably lose my bits and bobs out of there in no time but the concept is stunning and I can’t think of a better holdall to grab and go with! The hoop handles are beyond cool and come summer it’d make the best beach bag. For now I’d 100% use it for my grocery shopping.

8 – Vinyl of the Month. First Aid Kit are a band I have loved for so long. They always seem to crop up in my life when I’m going through a bit of a rough patch and they always make it a little bit easier – probably because they let my imagination wander to road trips through the desert. The Lion’s Roar is undoubtedly my top pick; the songs take me on a journey with their touching lyrics and dreamy, relaxing melodies. The girls’ voices are so soft and smooth yet so powerful – I’ll also forever have a girl crush on them! This album takes you through ups and downs and explores songs that are so different in so many ways but really tells a story. Wolf’, ‘King of the World’ and ‘The Lion’s Roar’ I could listen to so many times and always feel the magic they possess.

Have a great month,

Lily x

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