The Jumper Dress

The first day of February comes as a relief after what’s felt like a January of thirty one weeks, rather than thirty one days. I’m not one to wish my life away, but the New Year has dragged so much and it’s a little victory to have pushed through the return to the routine and made it that bit closer to spring!

Coursework is getting harder and more significant, and dividing time wisely (basically trying to be an adult and choose writing essays over sitting in the pub) is proving difficult. But I’ve had so many exciting opportunities recently that have really helped me believe in myself and put everything into perspective.

I’m guilty of trying to please everyone and physically being incapable of saying ‘no,’ but often this works in your favour and I’m looking forward to working on certain future projects. Hopefully February will bring some more of these dreamy chances my way and serve as a reminder that hard work truly pays off even if it feels overwhelming at the time.














JUMPER DRESS Sparkle & Fade @ Urban Outfitters | BOOTS H&MJEANS Dorothy Perkins | JACKET Paul Smith

This is an outfit I usually would not be able to picture myself in, but sometimes my own style takes me by surprise! I’ve always loved an oversized t-shirt dress; they’re super simple and great for relaxed days shopping / eating / chilling at home and in a black colour it will pretty much go with anything.

Jumper dresses are a different story. I’ve never considered one like this before, although after getting the knee high boots it crossed my mind. I just happened to come across this in the Urban Outfitters sale for a tenner and loved the eyelet lace detailing and slouchy fit. I’ve worn it relentlessly on days relaxing at home with tights and with jeans or bare-legged with my boots for a dressed-up feel and I can’t get enough.

The material and bagginess make for ultimate comfort and somehow the style means it can still look smart. The sleeves are kind of bat-wing shaped and the snazzy back design keeps it slightly cooler than your usual long t-shirt. It’s such an easy outfit to recreate (the UO dress has sold out but there’s plenty of similar ones out there – Primark are great for jumpers like this!) and saves looooads of time in the morning.

Lily x

ph. Jack Smith

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