I’ve recently been thinking about the fact that I have been in full-time education for sixteen years of my life, and the crazy thought that soon I’ll be setting out into the ‘real world’ and for the first time won’t be in school or university.

It’s pretty overwhelming and exciting to contemplate being completely independent of any educational establishment after that being all I’ve known since four-years-old, and suddenly being entirely responsible for my own personal decisions without any help from teachers or tutors.

Putting this look together also got me thinking about the fact that uniform is such a major part of school life; every day we’d wake up and not question throwing on the daily outfit that brands us as part of a school. In secondary school we’d make attempts to break away from the standard and let our developing personalities shine through with jewellery and piercings and slight tweaks to our clothes in the hope that teachers wouldn’t notice and tell us off (of course they did).

Non-uniform days were a chance to be yourself and wear what you actually felt comfortable in, and I’d spend the whole impending week deciding what to showcase. My favourite ever piece of uniform was that primary school grey pinafore over a crisp white shirt – maybe that’s where my love of layering originated from…













PINAFORE DRESS Urban Outfitters (old, similar here) | T-SHIRT Zara | BOOTS Dr Martens | BAG Zara

It’s funny how despite enjoying being able to dress however I want since leaving school and exploring my fashion taste, there will always be a part of me that loved the effortlessness of chucking on the same clothes each morning and quietly blending in.

However, the idea of a uniform is ingrained in some of us and I feel like we still adhere to individual ‘style’ uniforms that become go-to’s. A dress with a jumper slung over the top or layered over a t-shirt has long been one of my key looks, and this particular ensemble definitely has a uniform feel to it.

This dress has been part of my wardrobe for a while, but it never gets old as I love the pinafore style because of its versatility. It works year-round: summer with bare arms and sandals or as part of a layered outfit in winter and the deep v-shaped back consistently adds a dreamy, unusual aspect. The look here works to recreate that pairing I loved as a child – pinafore over white shirt – and paired with the right accessories it becomes less school uniform and more of an everyday style.

The puffy sleeves of my Zara t-shirt (which has become a basic wardrobe staple) balloon out of the sides, creating an interesting, relaxed shape, and the beret gives off a Cher from Clueless vibe (she’s always been a major fashion icon in my books). I’ve been searching for a new handbag and this Zara design fit the bill perfectly, satisfying my red obsession for the time being – and it was only £15 in the sale! My beloved scuffed DM boots toughen up the outfit and make it winter-wearable.

If I could have altered my uniform to suit my style in school this would pretty much be how I’d want it…

Lily x

ph. Chloe Jacks

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