Mango Coat

I said previously that this year’s sales for me have been about investment pieces that I can wear time after time – and I think my shopping aim for the year (to control my unruly impulse buying habit) is to give more thoughts to the items I’m purchasing and consider how much use I’ll actually get out of them.

Certain sale bargains are too good to refuse… (anything under a fiver is surely justifiable right?) but 2018 is finally the time I’ll enter the real world and therefore an essential opportunity for me to save up, so I’m trying to be conscious about my clothes and how much I’m spending. This January I’ve impressed myself with shopping decisions: putting pieces back if I can’t afford them, clearing out my online basket after a week if I know I don’t truly need the things.

I’m bearing my summer style in mind, too, and using the sales as a way of stocking up so I don’t panic buy before holiday like every other year. Mustard yellow has massively inspired my colour palette and I found an incredible knitted wrap dress in Zara for £6 that I know will look great on holiday! I’ve written a list of investments I genuinely need and am hoping to stick to that – things like a new purse (I can’t remember how long I’ve had my Calvin Klein one but it’s falling apart!) and of course some new Birkenstocks.














COAT MangoBLOUSE Topshop (old, similar here) | JEANS Cos (these are a slighly different colour but in the sale) | BOOTS Pull & Bear | BAG Topshop (old) | BERET Kopka Accessories

My best investment sale find, though, has to be this Mango coat down from £80 to £50 (now only left in blue & linked above). If you read this month’s Lust List, you’ll have heard me ramble on about my love for a long-lost black Zara dressing gown coat that I still to this day regret not buying, and my joy upon discovering this almost identical (but better quality) gem.

Finally I have the long-length black coat my wardrobe has been missing and I couldn’t be more happy! The quality is incredible, so thick and soft, and the oversized fit (I went for medium although a small would still be large) means I can fit huge cuddly winter jumpers underneath without feeling squished.

The billowing sleeves are another feature I love – that differentiate it to similar coats I’ve seen. Their puffiness adds some intrigue and morph it into a bit more of a statement piece (and give it an even baggier fit which I’m super into). One thing I’m a bit on the fence about when it comes to smart coats is a collar; if I’m wearing a shirt underneath especially it can all get a bit too much, but the structure means this design can be worn with or without a collar basically solving all of my problems.

I love it both undone and tied up tight and cosy, the tie waist is practical and simplistic (although annoying once I noticed it was twisted at the back throughout this shoot). The coat has me feeling slightly mysterious and detective-like (especially teamed with my beret) and the long, changing shape creates the coolest silhouette when worn with boots and jeans.

White jeans are definitely not an item I reserve for summer anymore – my love for them has grown crazily since obsessing over this Cos pair early last year and I think they look just as dreamy with a chunky knit tucked into them as they do in summer with funky tops. The striking combination of the white against my red Pull & Bear boots (no introduction necessary) gives a pop of colour against monochrome.

Gingham is a pattern that I find most comfort in towards spring, and so I dug this trusty Topshop blouse out – I love that the slice of neck on show when the coat is done up allows for a peek at what’s going on underneath… This ensemble is very French inspired – a look I’m really loving because it draws influences from the minimalist, almost effortless vibes French women seem to pull off. My beret is officially never coming off (or at least staying on for as long as I can avoid getting my roots done) and the jacket has a pretty Parisian feel to it too.

I’d also like to praise Glossier’s Boy Brow for coming into my life recently, for about five years I’ve used the exact same brow pencil, now reduced to a tiny brown stub, and decided to change things up. My extroverted fashion sense is balanced out by my minimal approach to make-up; I tend to go for the natural look with the odd splash of bold lipstick, but my brows I could never really get right. I’d heard amazing reviews on Glossier so went for the blonde Boy Brow and I don’t think I’ll ever look back.

I hope you liked this outfit as much as me!

Lily x


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