Christmas is coming

Traditions are a major part of my Christmas, and most of them I’ve stuck to religiously each year. I have always gone to pick out the best real tree (I’m a firm believer that artificial trees just aren’t the same) with my Dad, and insisted we all wear Santa hats while decorating. Usually after about ten minutes I would become chief decorator as my Mum, Dad and brother would drift off and do their own thing – but being the OCD way I am this secretly pleased me and I’d happily take over while listening to our one and only Christmas CD.

However, with time comes change and sometimes new traditions take over old ones. Over the past few months a lot has changed in my house, and because of my decision to stay in Nottingham a bit longer to get some work done and finish my part-time job, I wasn’t around when the festive events I cherish so much commenced. But every cloud has its silver lining and instead Jack and I have begun our own Christmas celebrations before I officially go home on Saturday. He’s just bought his own flat and is moving in as I write this, so this week we headed out to pick him a tree from the local garden centre, the Plant Pot, and spent the evening eating Terry’s chocolate orange and dancing around his bare living room (ironic that his tree was decorated before the majority of the flat!).














COAT River Island (old – similar here) | TEE ASOS | VELVET CULOTTES Cow Vintage (high street version here)| TRAINERS VansEARRINGS Louvisa

We all know one of the best feelings ever is decorating in your comfies and these vintage culottes have long been my alternative to trackies. Despite having the odd casual day I never like to look too under-dressed, so the velvet touch adds some festive glam and the baggy element creates an interesting silhouette when teamed with a t-shirt like this ASOS number. I actually adore the printed tee, which was part of a free student giveaway – there were several designs to chose from and I opted for this dreamy abstract face.

The power of a simple tee tucked into oversized trousers is often overlooked, but it gives a cool, grungy twist to a relaxed outfit. Old Skool vans are the ideal trainers to complete the look, contributing to that vintage effect, and the green suede offers a splash of colour. I’ve barely taken these trainers off since buying them, they are my new go-to’s… they compliment everything and are unbelievably comfy.

My pastel pink coat is a few years old from River Island, and honestly I had it stuffed in my ‘Depop pile’ for ages deliberating whether to sell it, but in the end I dug it back out and realised how much I love it. Originally there was a faux fur collar but I removed it and way prefer without. The colour isn’t too bright so it’s relatively easy to pair with other mild colours, and I particularly like how it matches the tones of the t-shirt. The cocoon fit is another aspect I love, it’s different to my other coats and is super flattering.

I’ve somehow managed to lose or break my many pairs of hoops so have been left to experiment more with my other earrings, which is a blessing in disguise because I’ve taken these black fringed ones for another spin and they look pretty funky with this get up. Statement earrings are an instant fix to make whatever you’re wearing more dressy (you could probably get away with chucking them on with your pjs and look ready for a night on the town) and again here they give some festive chic without being garish.

With Christmas days away I can barely contain my excitement; it truly is my favourite season and I’m so blessed to spend it with my amazing family and friends. I’ll have a glass of prosecco in hand permanently from Christmas Eve until Boxing Day, finally get some down time to read the books that having been stacking up since working at Fopp that I haven’t got round to yet (I’m a sucker for any pretty / interesting books and I’ll buy them forgetting I already have a massive pile at home!), eat crisps and chocolate to my heart’s content and play board games round the fire. Every year I’m the biggest child and wake up earliest (although now I may have some competition from my baby nephew) then proceed to wake everyone else up so we can open our stockings with a cuppa.

So here’s so new and old traditions! I hope you have the most wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Lily x

ph. Jack Smith.

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