An ode to the colour red

My love for the colour red only seems to increase. Each season I discover new ways to wear it and come across the most amazing statement item that really defines my personal ‘style’ at that time. The other day someone told me that red is my ‘colour’ and that was kind of an exact summary of the way I feel about it – I don’t think there’s ever been a stage where I’ve been comfortable enough to pull of a certain shade without questioning it, and certainly never one I’ve loved wearing so much.

However, that was a defining moment that made me look back and realise that every red garment I own holds a particularly special place in my wardrobe. It’s not necessarily what I wear the most – in fact it’s most probably a colour I reserve for special occasions – but it’s something I always feel my most confident and happy in, and now I can see how it suits me and shapes my look.















TOP The Kooples | JEANS Topshop (old, similar here) | BOOTS Topshop (old, similar here) | JACKET M&S (from a charity shop, similar here) | BAG Topshop

Red is great for providing seasonal updates because it works all year round, so I think investing in a new accessory every now and again helps to build staples for coming months – such as how my dreamy red Pull & Bear boots have taken me right through Autumn. I love how the shade has such versatility and a personality of its own; it can be classy, it can be sexy, it can be subtle, depending on the material, fit and the way it’s worn.

It’s my go-to for livening up an otherwise colour deprived outfit, such as this blackout ensemble. The pop of red draws the eye and sparks some interest among old and battered black jeans and worn-out boots, especially when teamed with a clashing accessory like my leopard print bag. Perhaps the tone wouldn’t suit me as much if my hair were still darker, but I like how the blonde and bright compliment each other. The vibrant red is flattering and the mix of different materials seriously appeals to me: the delicate lace embroidery with a smooth satin body and the urban zip detailing reveals enough to be sultry in an understated fashion.

The top is The Kooples; a brand that I have lusted over for so long but that is unfortunately wayyyy out of my price range. I’ve never been much of a TK Maxx shopper, but recently keep getting drawn into the store and finding the most incredible pieces I can’t bear to part with. I feel like I’ve jumped on the bandwagon a tad late and this revelation isn’t exciting to anyone else, but it makes buying designer clothes actually accessible and affordable to a student like me – a top that would retail at £140 for just £9 in the brand sale means I can justify the beautiful quality and style.

Another place I always bang on about getting unique bargains for a fraction of the price are my beloved charity shops. I’m so pleased with my cuddly shearling jacket, acquired from Salvation Army this weekend (originally from M&S). It’s my idea of a ‘Teddy’ coat and will get me through the cold winter ahead with room to layer a jumper. I don’t really own any black jackets, and this addition has already made its mark on my outfits. I can throw it on knowing I’ll be toasty enough outside and with the reassurance it goes with everything. The suede is thick and robust and the wool detailing softens the tough exterior a bit. Through autumn and winter outerwear is predominantly what ties a look together as it’s essential, and I think my jacket does just that here.

Lily x

ph. Chloe Jacks 

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