I am the worst person for saving money. EVER. Ask anyone close to me and they’ll confirm that my best intentions of putting money aside are unintentionally but inevitably swayed by McDonalds, trips to the pub, last minute nights out and, of course, a good old shopping spree. I’ve tried so many tactics that I’ve lost count (I even have a wish jar which are seemingly impossible to get into without breaking, but I’ve mastered the art of tempting any loose change out with a pair of tweezers…) and the little spur of the moment things always win me over before I can reach the end goal.

Which is why I’m incredibly excited to share with anyone who will listen that I have FINALLY been able to save up for a decent camera, something I’ve been banging on about since I started this blog two years ago. Although it’s a device seemingly essential for a blog, I’ve managed to get by with my very unprofessional iPhone camera due to a severe lack of funds despite attempts to invest for a long time. Over summer, though, I worked my bum off and started stashing away earnings from my part-time jobs in a clear mason jar (a newfound method that seems to be working for me – seeing all that cash build up is a lot more motivating than knowing I can spend it with the swipe of a card).














JUMPSUIT New Look (similar here) | BOOTS Pull & BearDENIM JACKET Vintage Levis

I did a lot of research on which camera would be the best investment for my agenda: this blog, travelling, Instagram, family parties etc. and after lowering my initial hopes for a super expensive but dreamy Olympus Pen (I am a student after all and do need money for the occasional night out) I discovered the right one for me.

The Canon E0S M10 is spot on for me and was even below my budget; it’s a glossy white and features all aspects of a DSLR but in a more modern and compact style. The model has everything I need: wifi connection so I can transfer photos easily to an app on my phone, touch screen, rechargeable battery and a professional interchangeable lens. The quality is amazing – such a step up compared to my iPhone – and I’m sooooo pleased with how the first shoot with it has gone. The colours are intensified and vibrant and the focus is fab; there are so many settings to play around with and I’m eager to figure everything out!

It sound silly but I’m really proud of myself for actually saving up and biting the bullet to get something I’ve wanted for ages, even if it’s not ridiculously expensive, it’s still a step in the right direction for me! I’m hoping that having better standard photos will improve the aesthetic of my blog and help me create content I’m seriously proud of. I have to thank my dedicated camerawoman and best friend, Chloe, who is equally as enthusiastic to experiment (and far better than me at photography!).

On the subject of saving pennies, this gorgeous retro jumpsuit was £9 in the New Look sale. I haven’t shopped in the store for a while but recently have seen so many inspiring outfits styled from there which has restored my faith! And after being united with such a groovy garment as this New Look is 100% back on my radar. Somehow it’s a size six (which I am definitely not!) and has a great fit, apart from being very loose around the boob area – safety pins are a must. I’ve caught dotty fever in the past months and now seem to be quickly accumulating an abundance of polka dot pieces! I was told to steer clear of my stripes obsession, but obviously that has resulted in an unhealthy desire for dots…

I love the cropped, culotte style trousers with a wrap-over front: it exudes an air of sophistication and glamour and is the coolest match for my faithful red boots (sorry for all the boot spam but I can’t stop thinking how incred they look with different ensembles). The vintage denim jacket makes it all a bit more casual and is essential now the real cold weather is setting in! It’s from the renewal section at Urban Outfitters a few years ago and is great for throwing over the top of pretty much anything – I’d love to go for double denim and style it with my blue Mom jeans but I’m unsure if I could pull it off.

Thanks for reading, I hope you love these photos as much as me!

Lily x

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