All things autumn

Halloween has always been the source of great excitement for me – from carving pumpkins with my Dad and getting dressed up to go trick-or-treating with my brother and sister, I’ve looked forward to it every year since I was little. Growing up I’d eagerly anticipate our annual trip to Asda to buy decorations and ponder what costume I would wear, stocking up on cherryade and sweets. Halloween parties have been my favourite way to celebrate for as long as I can remember (last year we threw a particularly cool one at our uni house with a live band) and dressing up becomes a little challenge for me. This time around I aimed to recreate Eleven from Stranger Things – you can see how I got on by checking out my Instagram!

Halloween is the pinnacle of autumn, one of my favourite seasons, and I feel like aside from being a celebration of all things spooky, it’s also a festival of the dreamiest colours. I’m quite strict when it comes to traditions but this year we added a new one to the list – pumpkin picking. It’s something that’s never really come across my radar and deciding to give it a go my flatmates and I had so much fun; there’s just a cosy, happy feeling about driving to a local farm, strolling round with a wheelbarrow and choosing a pumpkin each (I obviously was not appropriately dressed for this activity and spent about an hour scraping mud off of these boots when we got home). We couldn’t have picked a better seasonal day for it either: the sun was shining and there was that fresh chill in the air that somehow smells like autumn. We carved them a few days ago and despite being the least artistic person probably to ever have lived, I was pretty pleased with the way mine turned out! You can see my flat’s pumpkin designs on my Instagram, too.












JUMPER H&M (old, similar here) | SKIRT Vintage | BOOTS Pull & Bear | BAG Vintage

This outfit summarises the vibrant colours I’m so obsessed with this season, and blends in with the background! I tend not to mix yellow and red as for an weird reason it reminds me of ketchup and mustard, although here I think I’ve weaved the poignant tones into my look subtly.

I’ve had the mustard jumper for a year or two, and it never disappoints – the rich shade brightens up any old jeans but really pops here tucked into a dark midi skirt. I have no idea where my sudden lust for skirts has come from, but I have acquired two longer ones in the past month and I’m not complaining! For a while now I’ve been a huge trouser advocate and these floaty garments are tempting me back to the feminine side! They will be ideal to style through the colder months with bigger knits than this and some flats, plus the comfort is unreal. I stumbled upon the spotty navy and white number charity shopping with my sister and we both declared we wanted it (my longer legs are the only reason I won). I spoke about how much I like button-down skirts in a recent post, and that applies here too – the retro vibes are enhanced and I feel like this ensemble channels 1940s American school teacher with a modern twist.

That twist is implemented by the boots, which I still fall in love with every time I put them on. Since purchasing them I’ve started accompanying outfits with red lipstick more often, and that’s another thing I’m getting really into. In my books a bold lip is reserved for special occasions or nights out, however I’m ditching that rule and going rogue. Anyone that knows me knows I’m not one for beauty specialities, but I do think a red lip instantly looks so glam and sexy and lifts your face. I feel ready for anything when I’ve got some on and at the moment that’s definitely a feeling I need as much as possible!

So here’s to pumpkins, midi skirts and red lippy – and now that Halloween’s all over, it’s time to start thinking about Christmas…

Lily x

5 thoughts on “All things autumn

  1. Hi Lily ,What wonderful pictures I have really loved looking at them all,clever girl you will go far. Love Auntie June.


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