Old School

For autumn this year, it seems a lot of past trends are circulating, giving the season an old-school, retro feel. Corduroy is one of the big ones (and certainly one of my favourites), becoming a mass revival of a classic, seventies style. For me, it’s a material that reminds me of childhood and sturdy, kids clothing, but simultaneously I conjure up an inspirational fashion image of a hippie in brown flares and a fringed waistcoat.

So, I’m completely on-board with corduroy’s moment in the spotlight and have been bowled over by some of the catwalk styles that featured at recent fashion weeks (particularly Margaret Howell’s and Tory Burch’s incred trousers and Marc Jacobs’ colourful jackets) and there are plenty of high street alternatives to play with. I’m a sucker for dungarees and pinafore dresses, but in corduroy they’re dreamy for a/w and I’m also loving the variety of trousers out there too – Topshop, Urban Outfitters and ASOS have some of the coolest styles I’ve seen.










JUMPER Topshop (similar here) | SKIRT Topshop (similar here) | TRAINERS Vans @ Schuh

This skirt is pretty old – it was one of my first investments when I moved to uni and it’s lasted really well, but I’ve been wearing it more and more recently since being inspired by the corduroy resurrection. The ochre colour has a very vintage feel and lifts a plain t-shirt and trainers. I’m a massive fan of button-up skirts, there’s just something quirky and delicate about the detail that buttons add (these are actually poppers, which makes life even easier). The beauty of corduroy too is that it really guides an outfit – you can choose a centrepiece in the material (or go full on head-to-toe if you’re brave enough to rock it!) and team it with really casual pieces to let it stand out, or with sleek accessories to dress it up. Either way it’s perennially cool.

This jumper is super old and I rarely wear it, but I dug it out when I was moving and thought it would match well with this skirt and decide to give it a new lease of life. The bobbled, marled effect is a little different to my other knits, and it’s a great one to pull on with some black jeans or to snuggle on the sofa when it’s chilly. I like the oversized feel, as I mentioned in my last post, but this is slightly extreme as it’s so chunky I struggle to get jackets over it! It’s this time of year when the weather is still making up its mind, and it can often be hard to know what outerwear to pick; so my foolproof plan is to stick to a cosy jumper for now and layer coats on top later – so in that sense this knit is dreamy.

On the subject of old school fashion, I recently bought these Old Skool vans and I am head over heels for them! I’ve been in need of some trainers for a looooong while now, and couldn’t quite figure out which were right for me – the grey Vans in this style tempted me, but it clicked when I discovered the khaki version and I had to get them! Khaki is a colour I’ve never really understood the fuss about and always thought it a little overrated, although now I totally get it and I think it’s going to be my shade of the season (starting with a pair of khaki culottes). Suede shoes are another thing I’ve not really been fussed about (mainly because I’m ridiculously clumsy and scuff everything), however I think I’ve made an exception for these Vans! The Old Skool style suits my retro tastes more than Vans Originals and I’m excited to incorporate them into my wardrobe and future ensembles. The pale green hue is classically cool, providing a refreshing change and contributing to the seventies feel of my outfit. Again, most of these clothes are fairly old, proving that a new pair of trainers can elevate any ensemble.

Lily x

Ph. Chloe Jacks


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