Jumper Season

FINALLY!! Apart from the couple of weird warm days we’ve been having it’s been cold enough to sink into those autumnal jumpers that have been in hibernation (although granted not quite chilly enough to layer a coat on top yet).

Oversized woollies are so underrated in my eyes – you can never have enough and they just look great in so many combinations: over a dress / skirt and tights, tucked into jeans, under dungarees… the styling options are endless but one thing is for sure. If you find the right jumper, it will always look good.










JUMPER H&M (similar here)| JEANS Levis @ Urban Outfitters Renewal (similar here)| MULES ASOS (similar here) | BAG Topshop (similar here)

This knit was actually a Christmas present in my first year of university. I remember falling in love in the store and refusing to leave without it so my friend offered to buy it for me! The deep green colour is so quirky and the material is dreamy; kind of spongey and snuggly keeping me toasty warm on those grey days. It’s been a staple in my wardrobe since day one, if I’m doubt I can throw it on with jeans for a guaranteed classic, comfy outfit.

The jumper is slightly oversized (I don’t tend to go for tight fitting ones) so creates a really cool casual silhouette. These beige Levi jeans are the ideal match in regards to both colour palette and shape, and at the moment they are hands down my favourites! Rather than contrasting the jumper with some slim fit trousers I like the baggy element introduced by the straight-leg jeans. The khaki and cream compliment each other so well and create a minimal look that can be dressed up by accessories, like my (much loved) leopard print bag. The mules work to take it from slouchy to a bit more city chic and they are amplified by the funky frayed cropped style of the denim.

Everything I’m wearing here is quite dated, but I’ve found seasonal updates (linked above) because it’s a timeless kind of ensemble template with that neutral aspect that can be worn over and over again. That’s part of the reason this jumper is up there in my top list – I never get bored of it! A sad problem is that although H&M produce some high quality clothes, their gorgeous knitwear isn’t always up to the best standard and a lot of pieces I’ve had from the store have bobbled after a couple of washes (not just a problem with H&M but a lot of other cheaper brands). Just something to watch out for because the prices are bang on so there’s nothing to complain about, however it can be disappointing. My green jumper is slightly bobbled as part of the material, so I’m praying it doesn’t do the same as my other woolly items! It hasn’t yet and as it’s a couple of years old already I’m hoping it won’t.

Thanks for reading.

Lily x

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